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In the Garden in Home Improvement

Home Improvement | In the Garden

How to grow stuff: everything the novice gardener needs to know | The Telegraph

If I were to plot my journey as a gardener, it would start with a basil plant from Tesco.

Home Improvement | In the Garden

11 Ways to Keep Houseplants Happy in Winter: Gardenista

Are your potted plants looking a little desperate? Winter's a waiting game; here are 11 ways to keep them happy until spring arrives.

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Spray This Simple Mixture And You Will Never See Weeds In Your Garden Again! | TheHealthology

Weeds are the most common, unwanted, and uninvited guests in the garden or yard, which steal the nutrients and place of our plants. Yet, not all of you r...

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Gardening Inspiration: how to style a small town garden  | The Telegraph

In our Gardening Inspiration series we've been exploring beautiful and unusual gardens and offering tips to help you achieve a similar aesthetic at home.

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10 Tips on How to Turn You Garden into a Real Paradise

Your garden should be viewed as an opportunity to create a slice of paradise you can call your own, and here are some tips to help your out.

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Tiny Tree Houses for Houseplants - Adorable Mini Houseplant Tree Houses

There's something about mini things that make our hearts burst with happiness. We've never laid eyes on a Barbie's Dreamhouse furnishing that doesn't make us feel like a little kid (they're just so darn cute!)

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Allotment gardening 'can boost mental well-being', according to study - BBC News

Spending time gardening in an allotment can improve mood and self-esteem, a university study says.

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Best ferns for a low-water garden

These luxuriant ferns don’t need to drink a lot to be happy. Get our tips on the best types to plant and how to care for them

Home Improvement | In the Garden

10 Incredible Things Inside Botanic Gardens Across the Country

These botanical gardens are filled with not-so-ordinary things.

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30 places every California kid should see before growing up - The Mommy Files

While trips to Hawaii and Europe are grand, many families can’t afford lavish holidays and will be looking for places to visit closer to home. Our own Golden State is filled with fabulous destinations and attractions, and so I’ve put together a list of 30 places every California kid should visit before growing up.

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10 for 10: Best Garden Picks on Etsy's Tenth Anniversary: Gardenista

When three college friends created online crafts marketplace Etsy in 2005, their inspiration was Grandma's clutter. In honor of Etsy's 10 anniversary this month, we've cut through the clutter. Here are our top 10 Etsy picks for gardeners:

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Hardscaping 101: Design Guide for Edible Gardens: Gardenista

There's a reason more than half of all gardeners plan to grow edibles this year. Food you grow tastes better, is healthier for you, and fills you with a quiet feeling of pioneer satisfaction. Actually, that's a lot of reasons. Our Design Guide f

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DIY: Make a Roaring—and Eco-Friendly—Wood Fire: Gardenista

Winter in New England comes suddenly. Learning to build a long-lasting, eco-friendly fire is a rite of passage for us cold-weather folks; here are the best tips and tricks that I've learned over the years:

Home Improvement | In the Garden

4 Great Gift Books for the Garden Lover

We are just swimming in new garden books that are knocking our socks off. We didn’t have room for all of them in our December gift guide, so here are a few more to choose from. Happy shopping/reading/gardening! Cultivating Garden Style (Timber Press

Home Improvement | In the Garden

What’s Inside a Dandelion?

Although plenty of folks have dismissed dandelions for their plain exterior, savvy investors know it’s what’s inside that counts. Turns out the milky white sap in dandelion stems is latex, the building block of rubber.

Home Improvement | In the Garden

24 surprising plant combos

What happens when a plant biologist and a landscape artist team up to create a garden on a California hillside? Surprising plant combinations at every turn

Home Improvement | In the Garden

How to Sculpt a Bonsai Tree

Japan’s most patient artists have been sculpting bonsai trees for thousands of years. To sculpt one, all you need is a little know-how and a lot of patience. Almost any species of tree or shrub can be turned into a bonsai, so here’s how to grow your o

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    seed giveaway: at high mowing, a happy organic mix of hybrids, heirlooms, and modern op’s - A Way to Garden

    BECAUSE SEED ADAPTS to its environment like other living things, I try to shop for seed grown the way I’ll care for it in my garden, meaning: organically, without chemicals. That way, I hope it will feel right at home. My seed series continues with a Q&

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      The Wild Life of American Cities

      One of America’s hottest cities and one of its coldest may have more in common than you would guess. In places like Phoenix and Minneapolis, scientists think that cities are starting to look alike in ways that have nothing to do with the proliferation of Starbucks, WalMart or T.G.I Fridays.

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        14 Simple Gardening Tips and Tricks

        The experts at share top gardening tips and tricks.

          Home Improvement | In the Garden

          5 Time-Saving Gardening Tools

          Even if you love digging your fingers into your garden soil, there are some jobs where having the right tool can make all the difference. Check out these cool and effective tools that will enhance your gardening experience.

            Home Improvement | In the Garden

            Gardening with kids (activities, projects and ideas) - Craftionary

            Gardening with kids. Kids Garden projects for spring and summer. Kids garden learning activities. Teach kids gardening. Make DIY garden projects kid ideas

              Home Improvement | In the Garden

              Cardboard Gardening

              With this easy, eco-friendly and free gardening method, you'll have a better garden in a few weeks.


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