Who we are…

Moptwo was founded, and is run, by two friends who have known each other since they were kids. They both grew up in Los Angeles and have a long standing interest in news (in all its forms) and how events shape our society. They are also extremely inquisitive, so a site dedicated to sharing large amounts of information, in a personal way, makes a lot of sense to them (and hopefully to you too)!

What is “Moptwo”?

We are still new, so you can say that “you were here first”! What is Moptwo? It’s the first social media site designed exclusively to post/share/organize links quickly and efficiently. We reject status updates, feeds (a story posted in a feed means a very limited shelf life for the post) and the rest of the things that detract from getting the larger stories out there.

Moptwo can essentially be broken down into three elements:

1. Posting links – post, organize and share links to stories from the Web. No “feed” means that they stay up and are easily accessible for as long as you want them to be! If you don’t have time to read a story – post it on Moptwo and get back to it later. Keep links organized by posting them in categories that you create. Plus, posting links is really easy! Just click on the red “Add Link” slider and follow the directions (you must be signed in to do this). Best of all, the links are all on one page, so people can see all of your stuff with a quick glance!

Whether it’s a helpful story, a travel tip or just something that you find fascinating, Moptwo gives you one convenient place to post it all! We also make browsing easy. Each category is associated with one of 25 broader “Topics.” Click on the blue “Topics” slider to make a selection. (As an example, you may have your own category called “Film Noir” – that category would be associated with the Topic of “Entertainment.” The bottom line: all of the “Film Noir” posts from your page would show up in the site-wide “Entertainment” Topic!

2. Following other pages – Moptwo users can follow other users pages! That does a couple of things. You can follow pages that you find particularly interesting and you can follow your friends’ posts on Moptwo. Your days of group emailing friends with links to stories are over! Plus, following people who care about what you care about means a far greater chance of seeing the articles that matter (vs. status updates about bad dates, exes and whatever your best friend ate for dinner last night).

3. Sharing links – you can share links directly to Facebook and Twitter from Moptwo! Links can be shared to both with the click of a button (where they can be commented on, argued about and analyzed).

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We sincerely want your experience on our site to be fun, entertaining and informative. Questions (like where the name “Moptwo” come from)? Write us at support@moptwo.com. We absolutely promise to get back to you (and do it quickly)!

Moptwo: publish your world.