Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Moptwo?

    At Moptwo, we chose to create a new type of social media site. Most of the information that makes up most social media content focuses on personal experiences. We focus on the broader spectrum of societal information (that is a fancy way of saying that our focus is on everything from films to tech to cooking tips). Our specific purpose is to offer you a place where you control the type of information presented to the world with maximum control over that content. You decide what links go up and you decide when they come down. You can have as many pages, serving as many different purposes* as you like. If you choose to, you can even do it anonymously.*

    Our purpose is to allow you to “publish your world.”

    Miriam-Webster defines “publish” this way:

    • a: to make generally known
    • b: to make public announcement of

    We want to give you the ability to do both; in a way that is immediate, lasting and customizable.

  2. How do I turn off email notifications user's I follow?

    It’s easy! Sign in, and then go to “Accounts” in the upper right hand corner of the page. Under “Accounts” you will see “Following.” Go to that page and you will see “Notify me of shared links” in each following box. Just uncheck the users that you no longer want to receive email notifications from!

  3. How is Moptwo different than other social media (I am already on Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest, why should I sign up for Moptwo)?

    Each social media service provides a different experience and different tools to allow you to get information out to the world. While having some things in common with other sites, Moptwo offers some primary differences:

    • Your Moptwo page is visible to everyone. All Moptwo pages can be viewed by the public. You are not dependent on how many “friends” or “followers” you have.
    • Moptwo allows you to leave your links up for as long as you like. You decide when your information comes down.
    • You don’t have to disclose any private information (like your name) to the public.
    • Pictures are nice, and we love intriguing photos as much as anyone, but the focus here is on the wider story. Pictures play a supporting role.
    • At its most basic, Moptwo is like your own personal news site. You are the reporter, editor and publisher. You select the content that you believe is important to post. Unlike other sites, on our site you can post information in a personal and organized way. You choose the content, you choose the categories and you choose when the content goes up (obviously) and when it comes down (not as obvious).
  4. How do I sign up for Moptwo and is it free?

    You can sign up for Moptwo by clicking on the “Join Moptwo” button on the top of every page. It is free and we have no plans to charge for membership.

  5. Can I have more than one Moptwo page?

    Yes. You can have as many Moptwo pages as you like. Currently this is limited to having one page per email address.

  6. How do I post links on my Moptwo page?

    It’s easy! After you join Moptwo (or sign in) you go to your page, paste a link into the “Add a New Link” box, pick a category and hit “Add Link”. That’s it! You can also add comments and tags to each link. Tags will make your links come up more often in user searches.

  7. How do I create categories on my Moptwo page?

    Once you are signed in just go to the “Add a New Category” box to the right of the “Add a New Link” box. Then type in your new category and you are done! You can add a description to each category directly under the category name.

  8. I own a business, how will Moptwo help me?

    Your Moptwo page is a place for you to have all of the information associated with your business in one place. For instance, you can add the link to your business’ web site, but then create related categories on Moptwo and populate it with relevant articles. One example would be of a realtor who posts interesting articles about real estate, links to listings, and links to real estate sold. There are no limits to what you can post* so the extent to which you can use Moptwo to help your business is only limited by your business’ needs and your own sense of innovation.

  9. Can I use Moptwo if I am not a member?

    Yes and no. The benefit of joining Moptwo is that you can create pages and post links. However, all Moptwo pages are public and may be viewed by anyone. So non-members are free to browse pages, use the search feature and see trending and recent topics/categories on the home page.

  10. Who can see my Moptwo page?

    All Moptwo pages are open to the public. Anyone with a browser can see your page.

  11. How does Moptwo work with other social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook etc.)

    Moptwo allows you to share links to your Facebook Timeline and to sign in to Moptwo using your Facebook account.

    To share individual links on Facebook go to “Share” at the bottom of any link box.

    To sign in using your Facebook login click the "Login using Facebook" button on Moptwo’s Sign In page. The email address you use to log in to Facebook will need to match the email address you have associated with your Moptwo account.

  12. Will others see my real name? Will others see my email address? If someone sends me a message on Moptwo, do they get my email address?

    Moptwo does not make your email address public and does not transmit your email address to other users. The only exception to this is if you “Send Message to User” it will put your email address in the from field to allow that user to respond to you. You can however change what email is used for that message. People will only see your real name is if you make it your “user name” or your “page name” when you join Moptwo. If you decide at some other point that you would like to make changes to your user or page name, just sign in, go to “Accounts,” then to “My Profile” and then make any necessary changes. If you share links, or receive notifications from Moptwo, your email address is not visible to other users.

  13. How can I contact other users?

    Click on “Share” at the bottom of any link box and select “Send Message to User”. A dialog will come up allowing you to email the user.

  14. What do you do with my personal information? Do you sell my data to other companies?

    Any user abiding by our terms of use will never have their personal information given to any person or entity. We will never sell any of your data to other companies.

  15. What is the “Public View” button at the top of my page?

    When you sign in, you are looking at the “Personal View” of your page. This is the mode in which all editing is done. Clicking on “Public View” opens another window which shows you what your page looks like in the public mode (i.e., this is how the rest of the world will see it).

  16. I have some suggestions, how do I contact the people at Moptwo?

    We want all of the feedback that you can give us. We are a new site and want to be responsive to the needs of our users (whether you have your own Moptwo account or not). The goal is to give you the most useful social media tool on the web. To do that, we need to know what you want.

    We can be reached at We promise to get back to anyone who contacts us.

  17. How can someone see my page? How can I tell my friends about my page?

    There are a few ways that people will see your page. You can share individual links on Facebook by going to “Share” at the bottom of any link box. You can also email a link or page by using “Share.”

    You can also copy and paste your Moptwo page’s URL into your Facebook Timeline.

    New links will also show up in “Recently on Moptwo.” There is a “added by” notation at the bottom of each link - people see your user name (or page name). Clicking on it will take them to your page. The same is true when people use the search feature. If an article that you posted shows up in the search, that link will take people directly to your page. Lastly, we’re hoping that you will love the site so much that you will tell everyone about it the old fashioned way: by just telling your friends!

    *see terms and conditions