Welcome to Moptwo, the most comprehensive social media site on the web. The first time you see your Moptwo page, you will see three “starter” categories. They are: “Interesting Links,” “The News,” and a third column/category that says “Double-click to Edit...” These are only defaults – you can rename any of these categories (and, later on, create as many new categories as you want!)

  1. Rename your starter categories (and their descriptions):

    Changing the name of a category is easy. All you have to do is (1) double-click the category name, (2) highlight the text and then type the new category name. While you are at it, double-click on the category description (3) and change it to describe your category (4). Note: if you do not add links into the new categories, they will not appear on the public version of your page.

  2. Adding a New Category

    Adding a new category is simple! Just type in a new category name into the box on the right side of the page where it says “Add a New Category.” (1). When you start typing, the box will expand and provide an area where you can add an optional description of your new category (2). After you are done typing in the name of the new category (and the description if you want one), just click on “Add Category” and you are done (3)! Note: Categories with no description appear with the instructions to edit a category description in “Personal View”, but will appear with no description in “Public View.”

  3. Adding Links

    First, decide which category you would like to add a new link to. Then, paste a link into the “Add a New Link” box, pick a category and click on “Add Link” (1). That’s it! You can also add (optional) comments and tags to each link. Tags will make your links come up more often in user searches.

  4. Sharing Links

    Click on the red “Share” button in each link box to see the options for sharing a link (1). You can share a link in a particular category, share the user’s entire page or share a link on Facebook (there also several other options).

  5. Check out what others are sharing on Moptwo!

    You can find pages and links that interest you by using the search box on the top of every page. Just start typing and Moptwo will show you results as it finds matches (1).

  6. Following Other Moptwo Users

    If you see a page that really interests you - follow that user! Just click on the blue “Follow” button on that user’s page (1). After you start following, you can always see who you are following, or cancel them, by going to “Following,” which can be found under the “Accounts” menu item in “Following.” You can also follow a user’s page by selecting it from the Share menu next to each link (2).

You can always return to this page by selecting “Getting Started” from the “Info” menu at the top of every page.

There is lots more to explore on Moptwo, so enjoy.

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