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Politics | Politics

Elon Musk reacts to Tesla being dropped from the S&P 500’s index of woke companies with a meme

Musk says he stands accused of not adhering to the leftist agenda.

Politics | Opinion

The one-two of Elon Musk and Project Veritas might end Twitter

It turns out that Elon Musk had a good reason to put the Twitter deal on hold: it's possible that Twitter management may have misrepresented the number of actual accounts it has versus fake/spam accounts.  And in another blow to the now...

Politics | Debunking Lies

The Nakba myth hijacks Congress

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) has taken to Twitter to announce that she will introduce a House resolution that calls

Politics | American Politics

'Nakba recognition' resolution submitted by Rashida Tlaib, 'squad'

The bill calls to establish an official means for the US to recognize and remember the Nakba —The establishment of Israel and the exodus of Palestinians caused by the 1948 War of Independence.

Politics | Opinion

Big Lies, Blood Libels, and anti-Zionist narrative | Israel National News

A day in the cognitive war against the Jews, perhaps the hottest war, one which will determine the outcome of much else.Op-ed

Miscellaneous | Judaism

Jews Worldwide to Celebrate Mystical Spring Holiday of Lag BaOmer

Day also marks 41st annual completion of Mishneh Torah and Sefer Hamitzvot

Politics | POLITICS

NY Democrats accusing one another of racism after gerrymander debacle

The New York Democratic Party’s redistricting battle has worsened by the day and on Wednesday descended into a racial furor among Congress members.

Science & Technology | Science

Sleep Helps The Brain Process Emotions, And a New Study in Mice Reveals How

A new study has revealed an important way in which sleep helps the brain process emotions for the next day, and while the findings were discovered in mice, they could also help us solve some of the mysteries of human sleep.  

Business & Finance | Business

Twitter says it will 'enforce' Elon Musk's $44 billion acquisition deal | Mashable

Twitter said it will "enforce" Elon Musk's $44 billion takeover bid, after the Tesla CEO said it's "on hold" pending further information.

Politics | Politics

PHOTOS: Mexico's Shelves are Stocked with Baby Formula amid U.S. Shortage

Stores throughout Mexico are fully stocked especially with the high-demand Enfamil brand.

Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

Haven't had COVID yet? It could be more than just luck

Even taking into account people who have had COVID but didn’t know it, there’s still likely to be a group of people who have never been infected.

Recipes | Baking

The Best Cornbread Recipe Ever For Backyard BBQs

This cornbread recipe is all about good ingredients and a lot of fat. Here's how to make a great cornbread at home every time.

Recipes | Recipes

37 High-Protein Dinners You'll Want to Make This Summer

Get your fill of protein from sources like chicken, seafood and chickpeas in these healthy recipes that are perfect for summer.Each serving includes at least 15 grams of protein per serving, so you can make sure you're eating enough of the filling nutrien

Recipes | Recipes

Slow Cooker Barbacoa Recipe - No. 2 Pencil

This Slow Cooker Barbacoa Recipe has become one of our family favorites. Tender fall apart beef that simmers all day long in flavorful Mexican spices. If you are a fan of Chipotles Barbacoa recipe, you are

Sports | Cycling

62.2MPH (100KMPH) On A Road Bike - Cycling Mt. Whitney Portal

Part 2 of our mountain cycling adventure took us up Highway 395 to Lone Pine, CA home to The Whitney Portal. This area is the base camp essentially for hiker...

Sports | Cycling

Bangkok Hidden Gems ???? Thailand Cycling Tour on Folding Bikes

4K Thailand Cycling Tour - Bangkok Canals and Temples route. Bike Touring on folding bikes. Explore Bangkok by bicycle, today we are cycling through some of ...

News | In The News

Putin's war in Ukraine backfires as Sweden, Finland apply for NATO membership

Finland and Sweden's NATO membership applications are a major geopolitical blow to Vladimir Putin as the Russian leader's military struggles in Ukraine.

News | Antisemitism Watch

White Supremacist Shooter’s Manifesto Railed Against Orthodox Jews Moving Into NY, NJ Suburbs

A Buffalo police officer at the scene of a racially-motivated mass shooting at a local supermarket. Photo: Reuters/Brendan McDermid The …

Miscellaneous | Judaism

How to Celebrate Lag BaOmer

Here are the tools and tips you need to have a rip-roaring inspiration-heavy Lag BaOmer celebration like no other.

Politics | Campus Watch

What Are Harvard Students Taught About Israel?

Harvard Club of New York City. Photo: Jim Henderson / Public Domain. Much has been written about the recent endorsement …

Music | Music

‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Doc Set for Release on Blu-Ray and DVD This Summer — This Time It’s for Real

Peter Jackson's 'The Beatles: Get Back' is coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD this summer, after a release planned for last winter was scotched.

Politics | Politics

Historic! Gas Prices Over $4 a Gallon in All 50 States for the First Time Ever

Joe Biden is just an old white guy and will never be as cool as the first black president, but he just achieved something historic — the highest gas prices ever

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

Why the new Batman embarrasses Christopher Nolan's trilogy

Matt Reeves' 'The Batman' thrilled both audiences and critics. The film starred Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Barry Keoghan and Andy Serkis...

History | History

The Riveting True Story Behind Netflix’s Spy Movie ‘Operation Mincemeat’

Major William Martin was a Roman Catholic Welshman who enjoyed the theater and loved his fiancée, Pam. He also didn’t exist—but the Nazis didn’t know that.

Politics | Opinion

Does the Data Support The Threat of ‘White Supremacists’?

Joe Biden will travel to Buffalo on Tuesday, ostensibly to join the upstate New York community in mourning the murders of 10 people at a local grocery store…

Politics | POLITICS

'Squad' members introduce resolution calling Israel founding 'catastrophe'

Members of the "Squad" of far-left House lawmakers have called on the US government to describe the events surrounding Israel's founding with the Palestinian term "Nakba," an Arabic word meaning "catastrophe."

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help!

5 Habits of a Highly Effective Coach

Being a great coach is about more than just mastering technical skills. It's also about developing the right habits.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

My Supervisor Doesn’t Have a Life | Workplace Coach Blog

Supervisor doesn't have a life, if you can't change him, here are 2 easy fixes

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

Roe v. Wade in the Workplace | Workplace Coach Blog

Roe v. Wade in the Workplace, what to do when the discussion turns ugly

Recipes | Recipes

Crispy Parmesan Crusted Chicken - Valentina's Corner

EASY Crispy Parmesan Crusted Chicken Recipe! Chicken breast coated in egg mixture and parmesan cheese. Fried until crispy on outside, juicy tender inside.

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

Helpful Tips From Culinary School for Home Cooks, According to Chef

From salting each part of a dish to not overmixing batter, here are some important pro tips that new or casual cooks could use in their own kitchen.

Pets & Animals | I Love Dogs

Slow Motion Camera Reveals How Dogs Get Up So Fast

Videographer Matt Mikka used a high-speed 4k camera to record dogs getting up in slow-motion to see exactly how they do it.

Pets & Animals | Pets & Animals

Watch This Professional Football Player Trudge Through Dangerous, Icy Floodwaters to Rescue Stranded Dogs

Canadian Football League running back Brady Oliveira has rescued stray dogs for three years now, including three dogs he saved from icy floodwaters last week. He posted the adventure to TikTok.

Recipes | Recipes

17 Summer Appetizers So Good, You'll Want to Eat Them for Dinner

If you're stuck in a dinner rut, these healthy appetizers are sure to help you dig your way out. Pick two or three of these fresh and flavorful recipes for a spread of snackable summer dips, cheesy bites and loaded veggies that will satisfy everyone at yo

Politics | Politics

California Law Requiring Women in All Boardrooms Ruled Unconstitutional

Capitalism is the hammer to break the glass ceiling, not misguided laws.

Music | Music

New Wave Theatre #01 - 1982 - Ivy & the Eaters, Frisbees from hell, Real Life

This is the first episode of the Los Angeles punk/New Wave public access program, New Wave Theatre. RIP Peter Ivers. It debuted in 1982.

Sports | Cycling

CritCross is INSANE - Crit Racing Meets Motocross?

Welcome to CritCross. This is a weird mash-up of criterium bike racing with some parts similar to what would usually be considered super cross on a dirt bike...

Sports | Cycling

1986 Pikes Peak Bicycle Race Part 1

6:00 AM, September 5, 1986. This was one of the cycling events during the World Cycling Championships that the public could participate in. As I remember,...

Sports | Cycling

A Bike race at a GoKart track at night - Adam's Historic Sprinters Challenge

First event of the Adam's Historic Sprinters Challenge held at Adam's Motorsports Park in Riverside, California. Eric Bierman hangs on with cycling superstar...

Architecture & Interior Design | Decorating & Interior Design

How To Decorate Your Home Like Don Draper's Apartment In Mad Men

Obsessed with the mid-century modern, 1960s style on Mad Men? Here are some tips for how to decorate your home like Don Draper's apartment in Mad Men.

History | History

41 Facts About the 41 Kings and Queens Since 1066

In honor of Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, here is one fact about each of Britain’s 41 kings and queens since 1066.

Sports | Cycling

The Tee Shirt Ride EP005 - Taylor Warren (CS Velo and Source Endurance Cycling Coach)

I recently linked up with Taylor Warren, my coach and San Diego local to go for yet another tee shirt ride. On this episode we cruise his neighborhood of Nor...