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As Attacks on Jews Rise in Europe, Antisemitism Is the New Cool | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com

More disturbing than the alleged arson at a suburban Paris kosher supermarket on Tuesday — the third anniversary of the terror...

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Delta employees detail a pattern of anti-Semitic abuse at airline

  NEW YORK (JTA) — It wasn’t long after Nahum Amir began working for Delta Airlines as a mechanic that he says his manager started calling him “the Jewish guy.” Then Amir says the manager accused him and other Jews of “killing kids in G

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Target forced to apologize after selling a card game that jokes about 'torturing Jews'

Target apologized for selling the Cards Against Humanity pack, which is still available on Walmart's website.

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An Open Letter to The New School and Parsons on Linda Sarsour | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com

Dear President Van Zandt, My dream was always to attend a school like the Parsons School of Design, currently housed...

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Donald Trump Strikes a Blow against International Anti-Semitism

By moving America’s embassy to Jerusalem, the U.S. confronts the bigoted double standards of the international community.

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Yes, Ashkenazi Jews (Including Gal Gadot) Are People of Color | Dani Ishai Behan | The Blogs | The Times of Israel

Edit: thank you all for your constructive feedback. My response can be found here. Edit #2: my response to......

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Defending Antisemites, Rutgers President Takes Aim at The Algemeiner | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com

After weeks of dogged Algemeiner coverage of antisemitism at Rutgers University, we expected that the school’s President, Robert Barchi, would...

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Islamophobia? Jews Represented 54% Of ALL Hate Crimes In 2016 | Daily Wire

With the constant refrain of Islamophobia parroted by the mainstream media, it might be interesting for them to note one telling statistic from the FBI as they tallied hate crimes in 2016: Of the 1,538 hate crimes

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The New School Invites Linda Sarsour to Lead Panel on Anti-Semitism – Tablet Magazine

Founded in 1919 by progressive New York intellectuals, The New School rose to prominence two decades later, when it took in a small band of Jewish intellectuals fleeing the Nazis. Eminences like Hannah Arednt, Leo Strauss, and Erich Fromm all benefited fr

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BBC Erases Jews from Ancient Israel | HonestReporting

Who were the "native people" who lived in Judea during the time of the Romans and why is it so hard for the BBC to acknowledge it was the Jews?

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ADL: 'Proud Anti-Semite' bumper sticker a sign of the times

For most people, a bumper sticker reading "Proud Anti-Semite" would be disturbing. But one driver in Farmingdale had no problem proclaiming his stance, after a woman snapped a photo while driving her children home from a Girls Scout event on Rou

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A new Dutch play about Anne Frank doesn’t mention Jews or Nazis - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post

The play, which is slated to premiere on Nov. 11 in the Netherlands, is set in modern times and mentions neither the Nazis nor why they murdered Anne Frank.

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The video that makes anti-Zionists sorry they ever opened their mouths – Israel Video Network

Today the world wants to claim that anti-Zionism is NOT anti-Semitism.


It is anti-Semitism, and this video lays out why.

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Bill O'Reilly: Trump doesn't understand the true horrors of Nazism

The former Fox News pundit had some strong words for US President Donald Trump and the American education system.

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The Algemeiner’s 1st Annual List of the US and Canada’s Worst Campuses for Jewish Students Of all the great and …

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A Sydney suburb bans construction of a synagogue because of terrorism fears

Jewish leaders said the decision, “effectively placed in jeopardy the future of Jewish life in Australia."

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Company selling swastika apparel as progressive symbol of peace

Before being used by Hitler’s Nazi regime, swastikas were commonly known as an ancient sign used by Hindus and Buddhists carrying positive associations such as auspiciousness and good fortune.

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Progressive Groups’ Banning of Star of David Flags Isn’t Anti-Zionism. It’s Anti-Semitism.

Why are some American progressives embracing overt anti-Semitism?

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Israel Hayom | Israelis outraged at being 'marked' at Romanian resort

Israelis vacationing at Mamaia beach resort are surprised to discover strangers know their country of origin, until they realize the bracelets they were given by the resort indicate they are Israeli

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Linda Sarsour Declares CNN's Jake Tapper Has Joined 'the Ranks of the Alt-Right' – Tablet Magazine

Back in October, the Anti-Defamation League released a study of anti-Semitic abuse on social media during the 2016 election campaign. As part of it, they ranked the top 10 Jewish journalists who had received the most harassment from the alt-right. I was

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‘I forgive you’: Reporter who lost writing gig after exposing anti-Semitism at Chicago Dyke March speaks out – twi

A reporter who exposed anti-Semitism at the Chicago Dyke March reportedly has been relieved of her writing duties and moved to the sales desk.

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Roger Waters’ Jewish Problem Catches Eye of Award-Winning Filmmaker

His so-called activism will be the subject of a new documentary.

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White House stays silent on anti-Semitic connection of Trump's anti-CNN video - CNNPolitics.com

President Donald Trump's top aides are staying silent about the possible anti-Semitic, racist and anti-Muslim origins of a video the President tweeted Sunday, declining to answer a series of CNN questions about the video and its self-proclaimed origin

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Opinion | I’m Glad the Dyke March Banned Jewish Stars

his weekend, at a lesbian march in Chicago, three women carrying Jewish pride flags — rainbow flags embossed with a Star of David — were kicked out of the celebration on the grounds that their flags were a “trigger.

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Chicago 'Dyke March' bans Jewish pride flags: 'They made people feel unsafe' - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Dyke March organizers removed participants waving Jewish Pride flags because they were 'triggering'

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Wonder Woman ban spreads across Arab world | World Israel News

Wonder Woman may be a hit at the box office, but the movie has hit the rocks in the Arab world because of its Israeli star.

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Roger Waters hits back at Thom Yorke after Radiohead lead singer slammed BDS activists - BDS THREAT - Jerusalem Post

A few days ago, Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke, in a Rolling Stone interview, defended his upcoming show in Tel Aviv, responding to Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions activists urging him to cancel.

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Franco-German TV network drops film on antisemitism because it is ‘pro-Israel’ - BDS THREAT - Jerusalem Post

Television network ARTE is facing some serious backlash after deciding to drop a film it commissioned about

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Pro-BDS contributions to Jewish groups -- a Trojan horse? | The Times of Israel

Ahead of the UN's Ambassadors Against BDS conference, a look at the strange bedfellows partnerships between Muslim and Jewish communities may make

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Researchers Were ‘Very Surprised’ to Discover Few Right-Wingers Sent Anti-Semitic Hate Mail, but Here’s Who Did

"We thought that most of the letters would be sent by right-wing extremists."

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'Scandal' Co-Star Called 'Jew Rat,' 'Kike' on Social Media After Cursing Oscar-Winning Director Mel Gibson, Infamous for

The Jewish actor who plays David Rosen in the hit ABC series “Scandal” was called a “Jew rat,” “Kike” and “Jew fa**ot”...

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Vandals destroy over 100 Jewish headstones amongst dozens of bomb threats to Jewish centers – TheBlaze

St. Louis’s Fox2 has reported that over 100 headstones at the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in University City Missouri have been vandalized, and knocked over.

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Anti-Semites Praise Trump For Berating Jewish Reporter And Refusing To Condemn Anti-Semitism In Press Conference

Anti-Semitic writers are thrilled that President Donald Trump denounced a Jewish reporter at a press conference and told him to be quiet after he asked the president to condemn anti-Semitism. They said Trump’s performance was “amazing” and “one of the greatest things I’ve ever witnessed in my life” because he criticized “the Jews” and showed that the press is “totally part of the Jewish deep state.”

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Following Disney, YouTube cancels PewDiePie show over anti-Semitic videos

Social media star’s 2nd season nixed amid controversy over video showing 2 Indian men, who were paid $5, holding a banner reading ‘Death to all Jews’

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Musings and Meditations: Montreal's McGill University Must Expel Anti-Semitic Student Rep

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Igor Sadikov, McGill Student Rep, Urges Followers To “Punch a Zionist Today” | Israellycool

An Israel hater with an apparent penchant for violence

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Some thoughts on being Jewish in contemporary polite society

A famous screenwriter/director and I were having lunch, doing our interview, and I asked him this one thing, and he answered this other thing, but that other thing didn’t make sense, and I followed up, and he once again said the other thing. And again,

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WATCH: Vandals twist Arizona family’s garden menorah into swastika

Seth and Naomi Ellis horrified to discover hideous display outside their house; supporters later gather to help fix and relight the festive candelabrum

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Julian Assange Drives Wikileaks’ Reputation for Anti-Semitism - National – Forward.com

Since gaining international attention in 2010 with the release of nearly 100,000 classified logs of the war in Iraq, Wikileaks — often through the actions of its founder Julian Assange — has repeatedly come under fire for anti-Semitism.

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Gingrich: Possible top Trump aide worked in finance, so not anti-Semitic

Former House speaker defends Stephen Bannon, up for chief of staff, against charges of links to alt-right, saying he spent time in Hollywood and at Goldman Sachs

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Stephen Bannon: 5 things Jews need to know about Trump’s chief strategist | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

The ex-Breitbart News chief, who has been accused of anti-Semitism while running the far-right site, officially has the president-elect's ear.

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A White Nationalist Is The New White House Chief Strategist | The Huffington Post

Steve Bannon, who stoked the flames of alt-right fury while running Breitbart News, is headed to the presidential inner circle.

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Has Trump Driven Jews Away From the Republican Party?

The presidential nominee’s campaign has brought anti-Semitism into the mainstream in ways not recently seen—and it may cost his party for years to come.

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Anti-Semitism is no longer an undertone of Trump’s campaign. It’s the melody.

From my culture’s history, I know that when a demagogue begins to identify scapegoats, the Jews are never far behind.

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'American Express cuts funding for Roger Waters tour after anti-Israel statements'

American Express spoke of the tour stating that though they sponsored the Desert Trip they had "never committed to sponsoring Roger Waters' upcoming tour."

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The Anti-Semitic Stench of Pink Floyd

I’ve read some heavy-duty attacks on Israel and Jews in my time, but they pale beside the anti-Semitic diatribe offered by Pink Floyd songwriter Roger Waters.

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Trump Mouthpiece Breitbart News Publishes Anti-Semitic Attack on Prominent Columnist

Last month, Donald Trump tapped Stephen Bannon, the chairman of Breitbart News, to be his campaign's new CEO. Today, Breitbart published an anti-Semitic screed against Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum. Titled

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A Response to Yesterday’s Anti-Semitic Hate Crime from a “Whiny Brat Jew”

By now you’ve probably already heard that on Tuesday night students discovered swastikas graffitied in McCabe. I’m not sure what’s

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Bannon's ex-wife: 'He didn’t want the girls going to school with Jews'

Bannon's ex-wife said in 2007 he didn't want their kids at a school with Jewish students.

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France's Jews Flee As Rioters Burn Paris Shops, Attack Synagogue

France’s politicians and community leaders have criticised the “intolerable” violence against Paris’ Jewish community, after a pro-Palestinian rally led to the vandalizing and looting of Jewish businesses and the burning of cars.

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Palestinian Professor Who Led Auschwitz Trip Caught Justifying Terror by Aussie Dave | Israellycool


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Trump deletes tweet with image of the star of David, Hillary Clinton and money

Graphic also included controversial phrase ‘America first’, which has antisemitic connotations that date to the second world war

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Donald Trump’s Anti-Semitic Supporters | National Review

Trump’s anti-Semitic supporters believe they’ve identified the enemy, even if Trump won’t say it out loud.

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The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking - The New York Times

The Germans had vastly more work camps and ghettos than anyone knew.

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The Reason Why BDS Groups Oppose Efforts to Curb Anti-Semitism

There's a reason why BDS advocates oppose efforts to curb anti-Semitism on college campuses. Their cause is inextricably linked to Jew hatred.

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Brooklyn College students demand ‘Zionists off campus’ | The Times of Israel

Group of activists barges in on faculty meeting, calls Jewish professor 'Zionist pig,' demands end to 'racist' classes

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Ted Cruz campaign defends pastor who said God will send hunters for Jews

Mike Bickle, whose endorsement the presidential candidate touts, has said God would

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The Ugly 'SNL' Joke You Missed While Chuckling at 'Bernie Sanderswitzky'

The other, delivered by Weekend Update fake news co-anchor Michael Che, was far more pointed and may just have crossed a line.

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“Am Israel Chai” Violates Facebook Community Standards

Again, the brave moderators of Facebook have taken down yet another example of incitement of murdering Jews by anti-Israel users. Actually no, those are still up. But look what DID violate Facebook’s precious “community standards”.More Facebook shame.

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The BBC Flew A Drone Over Auschwitz. What They Caught On Film Sent Chills Down My Spine | Greenville Gazette

Recently, a drone flown by the BBC was flown over the remains of Auschwitz. This was one of the most infamous concentration camps from WWII and the release of the footage is timely, as the

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How EasyJet and Anti-Zionism Are Turning British Jews Into Israelis: A Polite Hatred, Part 5 – Tablet Magazine

This is the fifth of a five-part series, A Polite Hatred. Sign Up for special curated mailings of the best longform content from Tablet Magazine. At the height of last summer’s war in Gaza, the Tricycle, a small theater in North London, made a request.

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Doctors Without Borders President: Jews Wearing Kippas are Fair Game for Muslims | Frontpage Mag

Can we start calling the Hate Israel crowd anti-Semitic yet? Because between the boycotts of Jewish businesses, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and overt justification for anti-Jewish violence, whatever distinction may have existed in the past is gone.

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The BDS Movement’s Latest Self-Defeating ‘Coup’

The BDS movement crows over its foothold in the repressive Malaysian monarchy.

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No Penalty for UCLA Student/Employee Posting Blatantly Antisemitic Comments on Facebook

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) slammed an antisemitic comment posted on social media by a student, but has decided not to punish its author, according to a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating antisemitism. The student, w

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Farook Was Obsessed With Israel -What Else Do We Need to Know? - The Dennis Prager Show The Dennis Prager Show

According to the father of the San Bernardino terrorist, Syed Rizwan Farook, his son was “obsessed with Israel.” In an interview in the Italian newspaper La Stampa, the senior Syed Farook said, “My son said that he shared [Islamic State leader] Al B

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Paris police tell Chabad not to light Hanukkah candles in public spaces - The Times of Israel

Miri Michaeli, Europe correspondent for Israel’s Channel 10 news, tweets a troubling report from Paris. The tweet reads, in Hebrew: “Chabad: Paris police order [us] to cancel most of our public [Hanukkah] candlelighting in the city, in light of the terror attack and the fear of additional attacks..."

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In Response to Islamic Terror Wave, UN Adopts Six Resolutions - Against Israel

In the wake of a wave of Islamic terror attacks from Paris to Mali to Israel and elsewhere, the United Nations General Assembly - with its usual unerring moral compass - adopted six resolutions Tuesday, all of which condemned Israel.

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Swedish-Jewish Activist Slams Foreign Minister for Tying Paris Massacre to Palestinian Plight, Making Excuses for Murder

Reacting to the blood bath in Paris on Friday night, which left more than 132 dead and hundreds of others seriously wounded, the Swedish foreign minister linked the multi-pronged massacre perpetrated by ISIS terrorists to Palestinian suffering, indicati

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Before bloodbath, Bataclan theater was threatened over pro-Israel events

Paris concert hall has been target of past warnings, protests by pro-Palestinian activists over Jewish ownership

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The Jewish Press » » Survey: More than 70% Of UC Jews Touched by Anti-Semitism

I heard my friend get called a 'Zionist Kike' by SJP. Today, I was called a 'Kike' on campus by SJP.

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Palestinians seek to claim Western Wall is part of Al-Aqsa compound

UNESCO proposal, which also condemns Israeli excavations near Temple Mount, to be submitted by Arab states in coming days

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'Lost their minds': State Dept. spox suggests Israelis are 'guilty of acts of terrorism' [video] - twitchy.com

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'The New York Times' Goes Truther on the Temple Mount – Tablet Magazine

Was the White House ever in Washington, D.C.? Can we ever really know for sure? Not unless we dig under the existing structure and find indisputable archaeological evidence of the original structure, which British general Robert Ross is said—by some sou

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Israel named 'Palestine' on map given to Paris schools | The Times of Israel

Responding to parents who complained about the distribution at public schools of a map which labeled Israel as “Palestine,” the City of Paris said it was the result of “a simple production error.”

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Does the UC System Have an Anti-Semitism Problem? | Anthony Berteaux | The Blogs | The Times of Israel

It was her first week back at the University of California, San Diego, and Sara Ahdoot had already become the target of an anti-Semitic attack. A psychology senior at UCSD, Ahdoot had planned to celebrate the start of her last year of undergraduate studies with a bang: by going out to a club.

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New York Times Employs Veteran Of Anti-Semitic Hate Site by Mirabelle Ward | Israellycool

The New York Times’s bias against Israel has been well known for quite some time. By the end of last year, however, its reporting had become so problematic that the Times’s public editor, Margaret Sullivan, finally had to weigh in. I posted here about her column, which, she said, was one that she “never wanted to write.”

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Anti-Semites Flock to Ann Coulter's Side - The Daily Beast

Her vitriolic Tweets about the Republican Party pandering to Jewish voters has attracted alarming support across social media.

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European Jews Afraid to Reveal Jewishness

Over 85% of European Jewry won't attend Rosh Hashana services for fear of anti-Semitism.

Politics | The Iran Deal

Obama Claims 'Not a Smidgen of Evidence' of Anti-Semitism Despite His Record of the Opposite

For a guy who's feelings are hurt by charges of anti-Semitism, Obama has sure surrounded himself with and honored many anti-Semites, and made policy declarations that can be read anti-Jewish. 

Politics | Seriously???

Obama: Not A ‘Smidgen of Evidence’ Suggesting I’m Anti-Semitic - Breitbart

President Obama challenged critics who suggested that he was anti-Semitic.

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'Big Bang' Actress Mayim Bialik: Faith Is a Negative In Hollywood

When an actor charges Hollywood isn’t fond of people of faith, one expects the actor to be Christian. But the same holds true of the Jews. Mayim Bialik has been in the Hollywood spotlight for more than half her life.  Best known for her role as the tit

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Why Anti-Zionism Is Modern Anti-Semitism

Israel’s defensive Operation Protective Edge against Hamas rocket fire revealed that it took a military conflict to show that anti-Zionism cannot be decoupled from anti-Semitism.

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Why the Jews Are the Canary in the Coal Mine

Even in the matter of "slavery," the Torah works toward the natural and ideal condition of each and every individual person, which is freedom. In the Torah system, if a master strikes his slave and wounds him, the slave goes free. If a master ha

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Amazon Bans Confederate Flags, Still Sells Nazi Merchandise - Breitbart

Online retail giant Amazon’s Monday decision to ban the sale of merchandise depicting the Confederate flag has many Americans scratching their heads, as a quick review of Amazon’s site reveals the company still sells Nazi flags.

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BDS and Hamas: The New Partnership

Hamas is pinning high hopes on BDS to pave the way for the destruction of Israel through boycotts, divestment and sanctions. Hamas believes that such tools are no less important than rockets and suicide bombings, which have thus far failed to achieve the

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Louvre investigated for turning away Israeli students

After Tel Aviv U. prof. is told there is no room for his group, he pretends to represent European and Gulf schools — and is approved

Politics | BDS

Anti-Semitism Is Running Rampant At California’s Elite Public Universities | The Daily Caller

Anti-Jewish agitprop has been appearing with alarming frequency on the prestigious, taxpayer-funded campuses of the University of California (UC) system this

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Charming New Palestinian Video of Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony - The Dennis Prager Show The Dennis Prager Show

You see how the tots are being prepared for peace. Gives you a lot of confidence that the Palestinians are ready to accept the existence of the tiny Jewish state, doesn’t it?  

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Barack Obama’s Anti-Semitism Test

Is US President Barack Obama an anti-Semite? This question has lingered in the air since his first presidential bid in 2008. It first arose due to the anti-Semitic sermons that Jeremiah Wright, his pastor for more than 20 years, made as Obama and his family sat in the pews.

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Lauryn Hill cancels Israel concert - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

Ms. Hill was scheduled to rock the stage this Thursday at the Rishon Lezion Park Live Amphitheater, but has recently come under pressure to cancel her tour to the region. In a recent statement, the Israel show’s producers have acknowledged receiving messages from Hill’s camp about her desire to cancel, but have said that despite pressure, they will continue to take every possible measure to ensure the show will go on.

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It All Started With A Boycott

Today's boycott efforts, the vise that squeezes the Jews, looks different than the one in the early to mid 1900's. Today, it goes under the banner of BDS.

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Why Is Pakistan More Legitimate than Israel? - The Dennis Prager Show The Dennis Prager Show

Whenever I have received a call from a listener to my radio show challenging Israel’s legitimacy, I have asked these people if they ever called a radio show to challenge any other country’s legitimacy. In particular, I ask, have they ever questioned t

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In Wake of Nashville Synagogue Shooting, Security Intensifies at Jewish Institutions - Second anti-Semitic incident in a

Heightened security precautions are in place at Jewish institutions in Nashville after a bullet was fired Monday morning at a synagogue in the Tennessee capital.

Miscellaneous | NEW YORK CITY

New York Judge Rules Buses Must Carry "Killing Jews" Ad

The ad in question portrays a masked Hamas terrorist next to a quote from Hamas's official MTV TV station declaring that: Killing Jews is worship that brings us close to Allah.

News | Pallywood

Palestinian soccer delegation’s own goal

WATCHING Pitch Battle, which chronicled the journey of the Palestine football team to the 2015 Asian Cup in Australia, I was reminded of a meeting I had in Canberra a year ago. It was with a federa...

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USC Stands by Prof That Defends Holocaust Denial

The University of Southern California appears to be standing by a professor who questioned the Holocaust by saying “professors can say whatever they want.”

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USC Professor: Holocaust Denial Doesn't Make You A Radical

On Wednesday, Sohrab Ahmari, editorial page writer at The Wall Street Journal, tweeted a link to an article from the Washington Post about Iran’s Holocaust-denial cartoon contest. The article explained:

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Dutch Soccer fans boast Nazi heritage at game, chant 'Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas'

Utrecht supporters chanted the slogans to insult rival fans, whom they often call “Jews” because of the historical Jewish presence in Amsterdam.

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The Jon Stewart’s Replacement, Trevor Noah, Has a Jewish Problem

Yesterday, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency appeared to be the first media outlet to notice a disturbing tweet from Comedy Central's new hire Trevor Noah, who is pegged to replace Jon Stewart as host of the Daily Show:South Africans know how to recycle like

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Anti-Semitism 101 - for "Anti-Zionists" | Eric Blumenthal | The Blogs | The Times of Israel

“I am not anti-Semitic, I just don’t support Israel! I love the Jews, I have been to Shabbat dinner before! I just think Zionism is wrong.”

As a senior graduating this May from Binghamton University, the above statement is quite common to hear on my campus and around the world. The line between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism seems to be blurry for many people, but this should not be the case.

Politics | The American Experiment

Don’t believe Obama’s faux outrage at Netanyahu - The Washington Post

If you think the Obama Administration's recent hostility to Israel results from Bibi's unwise pre-election comments, you haven't been paying attention--which is exactly what the administration hopes.

News | Op-Ed

Peace, the Grand Delusion of the Jews

“Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.”  —Abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass On one sunny August afternoon in Boston in 2014, I made my way through the Boston Common public park and watched from a distance as people bega

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Australian theater rejects Jewish act, cites 'Zionism' | The Times of Israel

Sydney's Red ­Rattler Theatre refuses Hillel request to book venue for stage play because of 'occupation of Palestine'

Politics | Op-Ed

The Left's Ugly Israel Freakout

Obama's allies in the press have coopted some of the most absurd justifications for throwing Israel to the wolves. After years of ginned-up conflict, Barack Obama has finally found a pretext to change the contours of the United States-Israel alliance. Israel’s policies might not be changing, but the administration will “reevaluate” the relationship, anyway.

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Michael Douglas' new role: taking on anti-Semitism - LA Times

Michael Douglas is best known as an enduring and prolific movie star, one who's given such memorable film performances as a corporate raider in "Wall Street," an unhinged everyman in "Falling Down" and as the flamboyant entertainer Lib

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Jewish Organizations Urge University of Delaware Jews 'Not To Engage' Against Anti-Semites | Truth Revolt

In another sign of Jewish organizations remaining silent in the face of anti-Israel  propaganda, University of Delaware Hillel, University of Delaware Chabad and the Jewish Federation of Delaware released a statement to the local Jewish community advisin

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Latest Blood Libel: Fake Israeli Police Brutality Edition by Aussie Dave | Israellycool

More lies from the Israel haters. The following photo has been disseminated by the Israel hating crowd and is being passed off as Israeli policemen brutalizing a Palestinian woman. One problem: it is fake.

News | Anti-Israel=Anti-Semitism

Crossing the Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus - YouTube

Israel is under assault on North American college campuses today like never before. Anti-Israel activities to alienate, demonize, and delegitimize Israel are...

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In Europe, A Pop Quiz To Get Into Synagogue

I rounded the corner and started examining the London townhouses, knowing the one I sought would be devoid of markers announcing any Jewish presence. Finally spotting the synagogue, I went to climb the stairs when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw two m

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New film depicts Jewish students' growing insecurity on campus | The Times of Israel

While calling for Jewish pride and Israel advocacy, documentary portrays North American universities as anti-Semitic battlefields

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UCLA SJP: #JewHaters | FrontPage Magazine

The world recently watched in horror as a Muslim terrorist murdered shoppers at a Kosher supermarket in Paris. On another February in 1969, two Jewish students from Hebrew University were murdered when a Kosher supermarket was bombed in Jerusalem. Both supermarkets were targeted before the Sabbath by racist killers who wanted to kill as many Jews as possible.

Politics | Seriously???

Bill Nye on Europe's Jews: If Only They Were More Neighborly

Heck, who cares if the "neighbors" in question have a knife to your throat. Bill Nye, foppish self-proclaimed Science Guy, appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher this past Friday night and demonstrated why he ought to stick with his true vocation

Politics | BDS

Boycott Israel Movement Stunts the Palestinian Economy

A push to “boycott, divest and sanction” (BDS) Israeli companies has limited impact on the credit profile of Israel, yet it directly harms its intended beneficiaries, the Palestinians. The BDS movement, including universities, pension funds and leader

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Media Hoax: 20 Muslims Holding Hands Become 1,000-Strong 'Ring of Peace' at Oslo Synagogue - Breitbart

The weekend’s feel-good story about a Muslim “ring of peace” formed to “protect” Jews at an Oslo synagogue turned out to be a complete fabrication by the mainstream media, according to an eyewitness report, local officials, and attendees' photos

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1,000 join Muslim 'ring of peace' outside Oslo synagogue | The Times of Israel

Gathering meant as gesture of solidarity following attacks; 'Jews and Muslims do not hate each other,' organizer says

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Dreyfus Affair revisited? French premier’s Jewish wife prompts accusations of dual loyalty - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post

Prime Minister Manuel Valls excoriated the former minister from his party, Roland Dumas, for suggesting that Valls was under Jewish “influence” because his wife is Jewish.

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Facebook removes Hamas news page with 2.7 million likes - Israel Culture, Ynetnews

Culture, Media&Internet: Israeli students complain to social media network against page of Shehab News Agency, which shares Hamas' ideology, posting anti-Semitic and inciting content.

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Jews Threatened and Told To Remove 'Jewish Hats' in Copenhagen – Tablet Magazine

Most visitors to Copenhagen avoid the gritty neighborhood of Nørrebro, a mixed enclave of immigrants, lower-middle class Danes, and gentrifying white hipsters. But the literate traveler might stop at the area’s one major tourist attraction: Assistens C

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Denmark's Jewish Radio Station Shuts Down – Tablet Magazine

Last night, for the first time in its history, Denmark's sole Jewish broadcast station Radio Shalom did not air. Its programming, a mix of Jewish news, culture and music, was shut down by its proprietor on the advice of the country's security services. �

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Thirty Madison, Wisconsin Homes Spraypainted With Anti-Semitic Slurs

At least thirty Madison, Wisconsin homes were spraypainted with anti-Semitic slurs this weekend. 30 Homes in Madison WI Vandalized with Anti-Semitic Graffiti. Police wonder if an Hate Crime! http://t.co/99v0n9qRDB pic.twitter.com/bHDa8K3et4— Adam Milste

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Details of Attack Emerge as Copenhagen Synagogue Security Guard Dan Uzan Hailed as Hero | Jewish & Israel News Algem

The synagogue security guard who was killed in the terror attack early Sunday morning in Copenhagen, Denmark has been hailed as a hero by friends, family and members of the local Jewish community, as details of the attack began to emerge late in the day.

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1 dead after shooting near Copenhagen synagogue, hours after deadly cafe attack

One person was killed, and two others injured, in a shooting near a Copenhagen synagogue early Sunday, just hours after a gunman with an automatic rifle opened fire on a cafe hosting a free speech event organized by a controversial Swedish artist who has

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Anti-Semitic horrors don’t exist in Obama’s world | New York Post

At Tuesday's press briefing, White House mouthpiece Josh Earnest said something disgusting — I don’t know how else to describe it — about the massacre at the Hyper Casher kosher supermarket in Pari...

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Revealed: Names of Seven American Muslim Leaders at White House ‘Anti-Muslim Bigotry' Meeting - Breitbart

The White House still refuses to name the “American Muslim leaders” with whom President Obama met this week. However, a few are now known.

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On Auschwitz anniversary, leader warns Jews again targets

OSWIECIM, Poland (AP) — Holocaust survivors and world leaders are preparing to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviet Red Army, but Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be among those present.

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Photos reveal rising anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany in 1935 - Israel Jewish Scene, Ynetnews

Jewish Scene: Eighty years ago, two Jewish journalists sent a Dutch photographer to document anti-Semitism in Third Reich and expose true face of Nazi party to the world, but international media didn't print photos.

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Europe’s Leading Rabbi: Jews Must Begin Carrying Guns | Washington Free Beacon

One of Europe’s most prominent Jewish organizations is petitioning the European Union to pass new legislation that would permit Jewish community members to carry guns “for the essential protection of their communities,” according to a letter obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

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CNN's Jim Clancy Deletes Twitter Account after Anti-Israel Rant

Senior CNN international correspondent Jim Clancy appears to have deleted his Twitter account following a firestorm over a bizarre anti-Israel tirade last week.

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Brooklyn man shot after yelling 'I want to kill the Jew!'

A man stabbed a 22-year-old student in the face at the Brooklyn HQ of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement before he was shot dead by police.

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Iron gate bearing Nazis' 'Work sets you free' slogan stolen from former Dachau concentration camp in Germany

Security guards at the site, near Munich, discovered that the gate, measuring 75 by 37 inches and bearing the words 'Arbeit macht frei' was missing yesterday morning.

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'Miss Hitler 2014' contest seeks the most anti-Semitic of them all

A Nazi-inspired beauty pageant dubbed "Miss Hitler 2014" is calling for attractive women to participate in the contest held on the Russian equivalent to Facebook.

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Europe’s Alarming New Anti-Semitism - WSJ

Attacks and hateful rhetoric against Jews are on the rise—and it’s not just Jews who should worry.

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3-year Study Charges UCLA Department With 'Antisemitic Activity and Anti-Israel Bias' (VIDEO) | Jewish & Israel News

A consortium of American Jewish and civil rights groups are concerned that federal funds are underwriting “one-sided, antisemitic programming that masquerades as scholarship,” at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), according to statement

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BBC News - George Galloway taken to hospital after street attack

The Respect MP was posing for pictures with people in Golborne Road, Notting Hill, when a man allegedly set upon him. Police were quickly at the scene and arrested a man.

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Chargers Broadcaster Makes On-Air Joke About How Jews Are Cheap

You've probably heard the old anti-Semitic joke about the invention of copper wire coming as a result of dropping a penny between two Jews. If you haven't, San Diego Chargers radio analyst Hank Bauer is here to tell it to you.

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Russell Brand Doubles Down—Moves From Anti-Israel to Jewish Stereotypes

In response to my column charging Russell Brand with Israel-hatred for his disgusting call for a boycott targeting companies doing business with the Jewish state, the comic responded with a lengthy...

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Jimmy Carter To Give Keynote Speech At Muslim Convention In Detroit | Truth Revolt

On Monday, The Toledo Blade reported that former President Jimmy Carter, the same President who accused Israel of practicing apartheid and called for the U.S to "legitimize" Hamas, will be giving the keynote speech at the 51st annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) held in Detroit this Friday, September 1st.

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Only On CBS2: Anti-Semitic Flyers Surface At Jewish-Owned Business Near UCLA - CBS Los Angeles

Are events in the Middle East behind flyers with an anti-Jewish message that have surfaced near the UCLA campus?

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Why, as a British Jew, I’m terrified by anti-Semitism in my country

Once a country that Jews felt safe in HILARY FREEMAN is worried for the first time in her 43 years that Britain is not the safe haven she thought it was.

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Young Jews in Germany fear for their safety | Germany | DW.DE | 01.08.2014

With an increasing rate of anti-Semitic demonstrations and violence, some young German Jews no longer feel safe in their home country. Many are starting to wonder what the future holds for them.

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Miami rabbi shot dead on his way to synagogue

Joseph Raksin, 60, attacked by two men in the street; police say no indication it was a hate crime

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Anne Frank arrested 70 years ago today: Read her last diary extract

Anne Frank, the young Jewish diarist celebrated for her courage and resilience while confined to a secret annex during the Second World War, was arrested 70 years ago today.

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The Only Surviving Film Footage of Anne Frank

On July 22, 1941, a 12-year-old girl at Merwedeplein 37 looked on as her neighbor got married.

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14 Inexcusable Events Targeting Jews As A Result Of Israel’s Fight Against Hamas

Israel’s operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip has ignited a firestorm of persecution, targeting Jews.

Much of this maltreatment is happening in Europe. But it’s not limited to just Europe. It is also taking place in other countries, including right here in the United States. Considering the fact that the persecution of Jews is still raging at this very moment, here are 14 of the most recently recorded – and inexcusable – events:

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‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ ‘Gilmore Girls’ producer: ‘Israel is a racist state,’

Smart take.

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Vox.com employs anti-Israel propagandists | RedState

Beauchamp and Fisher are propagandists, and they hate Israel.

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Muslim Couple Threaten to Blow Up Hamptons Synagogue during Ramadan

Infamous Rabbi Marc Schneier famous for twinning his Hamptons Synagogue with radical mosques while bending over backwards to accommodate interfaith dialogue and Muslim outreach could not be reached for comment. How’s that outreach working out for ya