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The next iPhone may have no fingerprint reader, and other rumors

As the debut of Apple's next iPhones nears, rumors have taken hold. More OLED? Facial recognition? No more fingerprint reader? Here are the rumors and what we make of them.

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How Spy Tech Firms Let Governments See Everything on a Smartphone

The NSO Group sells expensive surveillance tools for criminal and terrorism inquiries, but critics say they are also used to track journalists and rights activists.

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Apple, Cisco Unveil Business Partnership - WSJ

Apple Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. are teaming up to help bring more iPhones and iPads to business users.

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Apple founder Steve Woz Visited Israel and Gaza today, and this is what he found

Steve Wozniak is in Israel, and he has been engaging his facebook friends all day with his observations on the conflict. Here’s an account of what Woz had to say. It started when Woz posted a picture of Jerusalem, with the following message attached. Wo