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Why Is Pakistan More Legitimate than Israel?

Whenever I have received a call from a listener to my radio show challenging Israel’s legitimacy, I have asked these people if they ever called a radio show to challenge any other country’s legitimacy. In particular, I ask, have they ever questioned t

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Indian Thriller - Girly Man (English Lyrics)

A clip from the movie Kondaveeti Donga featuring Tollywood (movies shot in the Telegu language, second to Bollywood in terms of popularity in India) star Chi...

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At a Luxury Complex in India, the Maids and the Madams Go to War

A dispute between a maid and her employer led to a full-blown riot, an unusual boiling over of resentment between rich and poor in India.

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Lessons for India on why Israel leads in innovation - The Economic Times

Israel is also referred to as a 'start-up nation'. Modi gave a clarion call that India should also 'start up and stand up'.

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Meet Tapashi Devchoudhury, India’s Only Female Stand Up Paddle Surfer | Supconnect.com

As India’s only female stand up paddle (SUP) surfer, Tapashi Devchoudhury is pushing boundaries and opening doors for the sport of stand up paddling. In a country with over 1.2 billion people, being India’s only SUP surfer is quite the accomplishment

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Pickle animations: Best Animation Institutes in Delhi

Pickles animation institute has acquired a great name and fame in India within no time and the trainers of this institute offers the best 2d 3d training to t...

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2D Animation Training Institute College Courses Delhi India

Pickles Animation Institute provides best 2d animation training courses in Delhi, India. So rush to our Training center / college for 2d training courses.

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Indian troops battle deadly flooding in Chennai - BBC News

Fresh rain in the southern Indian city of Chennai causes serious flooding, with flights and trains suspended and hundreds of people without power.

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Bombay Blues - Tanuja Desai Hidier

  Author/singer-songwriter Tanuja Desai Hidier broke new ground in 2002 with her literary debut Born Confused, the first-ever South Asian …

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Yoga Ashrams in India & Meditation Centers India

Find best ashrams, yoga ashrams and yoga treatment & meditation centers in India and courses or programs conducted by them at various training centers.

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India Declares Dolphins To Be “Non-Human Persons”, Dolphin Shows Banned

India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests has decided to forbid the keeping of captive dolphins for public entertainment anywhere in the country. In a policy