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Roy Moore Believes America Was Great During Slavery. Twitter Users Detonate. | HuffPost

"Families were united" then, the Senate candidate actually told an African-American person.

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Beware of Relying on Fake Social Media Followers. Ever Heard of 'Shadowbanning'?

It's scarily easy to grow your numbers rapidly if you're willing to resort to fake traffic. But if you do, brace yourself for the consequences.

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How Russian trolls lie their way to top of Facebook, Twitter - CNET

Propaganda campaigns are more than fake news. Trolls have learned to game social media algorithms and create their artificial viral moments.

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Twitter is doubling the length of tweets to 280 characters for some people

The famous Twitter character limit is being expanded from 140 characters to 280 characters.

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More Americans are getting news from social media than ever before - Recode

More Americans than ever are getting news from social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat.

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How I Achieved a 48% Success Rate Using Twitter for Link Building

The gripes among link builders are plentiful, but they’re also deserved. There’s the pitifully low success rate. The hours logged crafting personalized outreach. The potential brand damage from a…

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Your Social Media Strategy Isn't Complete Without These 21 Tactics

You’re ready to take social media to the next level. But if you aren’t building the traction you hoped for, there’s usually a reason. Just like any industry, there are a set of crucially important tactics every successful social media strategy needs

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Want to Take Full Advantage of Social Media? Stop Thinking of it as One Big Sales Pitch | Inc.com

In order to truly flourish on social media, you should begin thinking of it more like a conference and less like a cold call.

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BINGO! Women’s March ‘happy birthday to…’ earns slam-tastic response from Katie Pavlich – twitchy.com

"Women's March" keeps exposing what they're REALLY all about.

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Inside The Chaotic Battle To Be The Top Reply To A Trump Tweet

The area below the president’s tweets is the most valuable real estate on the internet.

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Ballmer explains why he invested in Twitter | TechCrunch

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage at Code Conference on Tuesday and talked about why he took a large position in Twitter. “There’s a real..

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9 easy ways to explain what you actually do as a social media professional

Quick quiz for social media marketers: Raise your hand if you’ve ever been asked, “So, you get paid to go on Facebook?” “We're hunting for awesome startups” Run an early-stage company? We're inviting 250 to exhibit at TNW Conference and pitch on

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How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media? [Infographic]

People apparently spend more time on social media than they spend on eating and drinking. See where consumers are spending their hours—and days and years—on each social media platform.

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How to Avoid Unwanted Communications on Social Media

That recent tech innovation known as the internet has made keeping in touch with family and friends easier than ever—but it might also have brought you some unwelcome attention from people you’d rather not keep up correspondence with. If you want to m

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Inside Twitter’s Obsessive Quest To Ditch The Egg | Co.Design

An icon that came to represent Twitter’s dark side is giving way to one designed not to turn anyone off, without looking like something you’d want to stick with.

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I studied how journalists used Twitter for two years. Here’s what I learned

Twitter reflects the good, the bad and just plain ugly reality of social media these days. For academics, journalists and voters, there’s never been a more crucial time to talk about the impact the…

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Devin Booker dropped 70 and NBA Twitter lost its mind

All eyes were on Devin Booker’s 70-point game against the Boston Celtics on Friday night, and NBA players across Twitter made sure to send props to the Phoenix Suns phenom.

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Reddit plans a profile page redesign reminiscent of Facebook and Twitter (updated)

Reddit has been trying to make its site more accessible to a wider pool of users, and today the company is planning to show off one of the ways it plans to do..

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User Demographics of the Top 7 Social Networks | Marketing Infographic

Social media audience demographics can vary widely by social platform. Check out this highly useful infographic to see which user groups spend time on which social networks and do what there.

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Conway: 'I don’t know who' had access to Twitter account | TheHill

White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway said on Tuesday that she does not know who was operating her Twitter account when it was used to retweet a white nationalist.

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How To Do Twitter Marketing in 10 Minutes a Day

If you’re low on time, here’s a plan for getting all your tweeting done in 10 minutes a day.

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What The "Rogue" EPA, NPS and NASA Twitter Accounts Teach Us About The Future Of Social

The intense popularity of these new “rogue” Twitter accounts presents unique challenges for the future of how government communicates with its citizens

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Why We Can't Fix Twitter

Social media is broken. When will we realize that we're the problem?

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Political reporter says a malicious tweet sent to him caused an epileptic seizure | Technology | The Guardian

Kurt Eichenwald, who has epilepsy and is an outspoken Trump critic, called on Twitter to identify person responsible for a tweet he says led to personal injury

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Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Verizon are all eyeing up a Twitter bid | TechCrunch

Twitter continues to inch its way to a sale process, and the latest developments come in the form of alleged bids from potential buyers. Today CNBC is..

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Twitter highlights female artists and their awesome illustrations · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club

#visiblewomen is a Twitter tag dedicated to bringing attention to the massive number of female artists in the field of comics, character design, and concept art.

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Social Media Gets More Love, But Facebook and Twitter Don't Get More Likes - NBC News

Americans are spending more and more time on social media, but are increasingly dissatisfied with the experience, a new survey shows.

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Twitter Is Running Out of Time to Get Real About Fighting Abuse | WIRED

Some say Twitter is out of excuses in its failure to fully address abuse. That’s a shame—because no other network has the same cultural currency as Twitter.

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Twitter throttled in Turkey amid attempted coup

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are reportedly blocked in Turkey amid talk of an attempted coup.

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Twitter will livestream the Democratic and Republican National Conventions thanks to a new deal with CBS - Recode

Details on how it will work — and whether Twitter gets paid — are still being ironed out.

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Twitter launches a dedicated app for managing business accounts | VentureBeat | Social | by Ken Yeung

Twitter has launched an app aimed at helping businesses manage communication and engagement with their followers. Called Twitter Dashboard, it’s available in beta for those in the U.S. on both iOS and as a desktop app. One could think of it as either a

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Twitter Is An 'Inevitable' Social Network Acquisition - Fortune

Twitter is trying to turn things around, but that hasn't stopped the company from being called the next desirable social network buy.

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22 Hidden Features to Help You Get More Out of Twitter | Inc.com

Twitter is woven into the fabric of business. Here's how to make it even more valuable.

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Social Media Trends to Watch

Social media is moving at breakneck speeds and what was yesterday’s latest craze is today’s “That is so 2015.” In order to stay on top of your marketing game, you need to know what’s going on in this ever-evolving social world.

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What Does Twitter’s Algorithmic Feed Mean for Social Marketing? - Fortune

Last week saw a major shift in the new media landscape, as Twitter switched all of its users to a so-called “algorithmic feed.”

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Twitter Rumors Can Be Stopped by Official Accounts, Study Says

The Twitter rumor mill can spread misinformation around the web like wildfire, but a few choice tweets can slow its roll.

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Twitter looks back at the evolution of Twitter Ads | TechCrunch

As part of the flurry of retrospectives tied to Twitter's 10th anniversary, the company is also looking back at the history of advertising on Twitter...

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Race Baiter Kanye West Gets a NASTY Dose of Karma - I Have The Truth

I’m having a really hard time mustering any sympathy whatsoever for Kanye West here. This is the same guy who got up at some award ceremony, stoned out of his mind, and stated he wanted to be president. West went on Twitter yesterday groveling and b

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These 14 private startups now have higher valuations than Twitter - Quartz

Twitter had a rough day. The social media company's share price hit a record low Monday (Feb. 8) ahead of its earnings release on Wednesday. Its valuation hit $9.45 billion—smaller than some notable private startups including Uber, Airbnb, Snapcha

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Timing Is Everything: Twitter Unveils First View Ads, Videos At The Top Of Your Timeline | TechCrunch

Twitter has been in the spotlight for the past several days over allegedly imminent (longstanding) plans to change the order of Tweets in your timeline...

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10 things in tech you need to know today

Jack Dorsey shot down a big rumour about Twitter, GitHub is going through some big changes, and Apple started selling a VR headset.

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Twitter's darkest hour is now

In late October, after his first full quarter running Twitter as CEO, Jack Dorsey and his executive team just couldn't shut up about Twitter Moments, a new curation tool intended to make the long struggling social network more appealing to new users.

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14 tweets that perfectly sum up the modern air travel experience

It's the paradox of modern transportation: Despite having the ability to fly to most corners of the planet — quickly — there is nothing that elicits more complaints than commercial air travel.

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CMO Today: Twitter Weighs 10,000-Character Tweets - WSJ

Here's your morning roundup of the biggest marketing, advertising and media industry news and happenings.

Business & Finance | Growing Business Online

Social Media Marketing Guide: Social Media Optimization, Planning And Growth

Our complete social media marketing guide will give you insights to all areas of social media marketing, giving you the knowledge to succeed online.

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Sharing to Twitter declines 11% after Twitter kills share counts

As you know, Twitter decided to drop support for Share Counts on November 20th, 2015. Twitter share buttons still works, but they no longer have share counters. We were curious as to whether this change would lead to a decline in sharing activity and shar

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Getting Your Business Started On Social Media.

Not having your business on social media is probably one of the not so smart a move you can make. The world currently revolves around the digital communication axis, if I should call it that. And the medium is social media platforms. The biggest percentag

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Twitter's Newest Executive Tweeted Only 8 Times Before Taking the Job - ABC News

You could say he's making up for lost time.

Twitter's new executive chairman, Omid Kordestani, tweeted just eight times before accepting the position this week. Kordestani has an impressive resume, having worked at tech giants such as Netscape and Google, but he rarely used the service until he was officially named chairman Wednesday.

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Twitter Unveils Tools for Tracking Brand Conversations | Adweek

Twitter has new analytics tools it says will provide marketers with additional insight into brand conversations, audiences and trends. The Twitter Brand Hub, unveiled today, is meant to give brands a "360-degree, real-time view" of their initiat

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Hashtag hijacking doesn't have to live and die on Twitter | ClickZ

Brands tweet about trending topics all the time, but they don't always use the platform's powerful reach in order to promote themselves beyond a Twitter conversation.

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Twitter Plans to Go Beyond Its 140-Character Limit | Re/code

Twitter is thinking about ways to tweak the 140-character limit to entice new users.

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Twitter adds desktop notifications to direct messages on the web

Twitter's direct messages via the web just got more useful. Today the social network will start rolling out DM notifications for its site which will be availabl...

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Chat away: Twitter removes 140-character limit for direct messages - CNET

The social network now allows users to chat privately without feeling constrained by a space limit. Blabbermouths, however, will get cut off at 10,000 characters.

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You’ll Soon Be Able To Buy Stuff Directly From Twitter | TIME

The best memes of the Time magazine cover featuring Oculus Rift inventor and Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey

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How a tweet turned Uber's Ryan Graves into a billionaire - Business Insider

Ryan Graves landed a job at Uber through a tweet. Now the early Uber employee is worth more than a billion dollars.

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The 5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week | MRCTV

It's difficult to write up something humorous in the wake of the tragic events that occurred in Charleston this week. But, apparently it's very easy for liberals to take the event and immediately politicize it.

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Twitter is building a news platform that lets you follow events instead of people | The Verge

Right now, tracking major stories and events on Twitter requires a certain level of knowledge about how Twitter works. Identifying the right hashtags and right sources is still work. The company...

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Philae comet lander wakes up, says European Space Agency - BBC News

The European Space Agency says its comet lander, Philae, has woken up and contacted Earth, seven months after it lost power.

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Reflecting on Reflection: A Habit of Mind

Terry Heick looks at what reflection is, how it works as both a private and shared activity, and why teachers need it in their toolkit.

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McCann Erickson: Mad Men tweet mocks Don Draper | EW.com

Kudos to the social media manager at McCann Erickson who decided to capitalize on the Mad Men finale by throwing some shade at Don Draper.

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Twitter gives control of its hapless marketing department to its chief financial officer | The Verge

As an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, Anthony Noto orchestrated Twitter's initial public offering. Now Noto is Twitter's chief financial officer, and he's changing the score again, moving the...

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McCann's Mad Men Tweets Help Lift the Agency's Mentions by 46% | Adweek

Since it's been part of the program's storyline from practically the beginning, McCann has been tweeting about Mad Men episodes for years. But for the final season, it has been cast as an extreme antagonist as it swallows up the fictional subsidiary Sterl

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Meet The Company Secretly Running All Your Favourite Social Media Accounts - BuzzFeed News

A group of twentysomethings in Manchester are taking over Twitter in Britain, and making hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process....

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Twitter Marketing: How Brands Can Rise to the Top of the Stream #SMMW15

What are brands doing to rise to the top of the Twitter stream? Marketers from Microsoft, BMC Software and Renaissance Hotels at Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW15) explained what has been working in their social media world.

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75 Things I Learned on My Journey to 100,000 Twitter Followers |

It was early 2009, and I was still working in the walls of corporate America. I saw the power of the tweet, what it could do for my career, business and life.

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Twitter sucks at dealing with trolls and CEO says it's all his fault

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says he's ashamed of the company's failures when it comes to getting rid of trolls and protecting users from abuse.

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Americans Use More Online Social Networks - NYTimes.com

More than half of American Internet users log onto at least two social networks regularly, according a new research survey. While Facebook remains the dominant network, other networks like Instagram and Pinterest are growing in popularity.

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Social Media: Stop it With Pointless Metrics!

Online marketing is of course a new phenomena, when compared with most other forms of marketing, and with it being in its infancy we’ve all got to be prepared to adapt to new ways of thinking on a regular basis. That’s not a bad thing, it just means t

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Twitter, Foursquare may team up to add location to tweets - CNET

If the social networks reach a deal, tweets could include location information -- such as a country, city or venue -- as early as next year, reports Business Insider.

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Instagram hits 300M users, now bigger than Twitter | Fox News

Instagram just keeps on growing – the Facebook owned media-sharing service said Wednesday its user base now stands at 300 million, leaving Twitter, with its 284 million users, in the dust. 

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You Might As Well Get Used To Twitter Messing Around With Your Timeline - ReadWrite

If you didn't like Twitter's recent move to throw random tweets into your timeline, you're going to hate the future. Twitter is still struggling to make the service more accessible to the masses, a point underscored by its third-quarter earnings report—and that means more tinkering with things like the timeline Twitter fans have grown accustomed to.

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Twitter Has No Short-Term Plans To Monetize Vine | TechCrunch

Twitter has no short-term plans to monetize Vine, a social product that it purchased in its infancy. The information was shared during the company's..

Science & Technology | Social Media

Twitter gives away Tweets, so why does Facebook's apology ring hollow?

It's fine for one social network to give away your data in the name of research, while another's ongoing experiments seem distasteful.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Rethink Your LinkedIn Strategy: 6 Benefits Of Treating It More Like Twitter

When you limit your LinkedIn network to only connections you personally know, you limit your overall networking potential.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Twitter Changes Font, Provides More Profile Color Options

Twitter has announced several new design changes -- but not everyone is happy about them.

History | History

15 Twitter Accounts for History Buffs

We’ve covered word nerds; now, follow a few twitter accounts that will satisfy your historical curiosity.

Miscellaneous | Other Interesting Stories

The 8 best Twitter reactions to Free Slurpee Day

7-Eleven's annual gift to the world, Free Slurpee Day, is now well underway. And as always, emotions are running high. So we took to Twitter to see exactly how people were handling the prospect of free small slushies at the home of the Big Bite. Based on our findings, any 7-Eleven cashiers still on shift should probably carry a tranq gun.

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12 Most Basic Ways for Beginners to Rock Twitter

Twitter can feel downright intimidating to beginners. Becky Gaylord presents the 12 Most Basic Ways for Beginners to Rock Twitter and not get overwhelmed.

Business & Finance | Social Media

How to Smart Tweet Your Way to Fame and Glory

Have you been using Twitter to improve your brand reputation and domain influence yet? Twitter is a social platform you ignore at your own risk because it offers an immense opportunity to reach out to customers, both existing and potential, and make a sol

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Twitter Co-founder Stone Inspired By Star Trek

News - Did you know that Twitter co-founder Biz Stone's feelings about leadership were deeply influenced by a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode? StarTrek.com has details.

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Twitter hacked; 250,000 accounts affected

Twitter is coming forward as the latest site to be hacked. The social network said in a blog post Friday afternoon that approximately 250,000 user accounts were potentially compromised, with attackers gaining access to information including user names and