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4 Brilliant Ways Google Is Closing the Gender Gap

It's no secret that tech companies are embarrassingly behind the curve when it comes to gender parity in the workplace and the continuing pay gap for women.

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Women business leaders use tech to take on Trump

Washington politics will command the world's attention in 2017, and in Chicago, women business leaders are prepared to step up.

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White House Chief Tech Officer Megan Smith On How We Get More Women in Tech

​​The chief technology officer of the United States wants to use data to create change.​

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Silicon Valley's 91-year-old designer - BBC News

Barbara Knickerbocker-Beskind was always inventing things, as a child and as an occupational therapist. Now, at the age of 91, she works for the design and innovation firm IDEO.

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Meet the female alums of the Israeli Army's elite tech training school - Fortune

It’s no secret that women can have a hard time breaking into the tech sector. But when Nofar Diamant and Dana Gutkind interviewed for their jobs at Perion Network, a Holon, Israel-based technology company, they were snapped up immediately.

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Stop Asking Why There Are Not More Women in Tech. Start Asking What Value They Can Bring. | Wendy Schultz-Henry

If we do not take into account this deep rooted gender bias, that is ingrained in the structure of our systems and beliefs, progress cannot be made.