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The Secrets of DR Congos Cycling Revolution | Africa's Cycling Revolution

In a nation devastated by an active volcano and 20 years of permanent war, meet the young cyclists aiming for Olympic Games glory. Discover the stories of pe...

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Fastest Surfski Run - wild, and windy downwind

www.durbansurfski.com A windy downwind surfski paddle from Vetchies beach to Westbrook on KZN coastline of South Africa. Set a new personal top speed record ...

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Surprise! Giraffes fall under 4 species, not one

For centuries, scientists believed all giraffes fall under one species.

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Cheempo - Character Created To #ProtectChimpanzees | #Indiegogo

Cheempo teaches kids about wildlife protection. Join us to reach our first phase $10,000

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Cape Town 2016 SUP Downwind 20-35knots

Average fun day in Cape Town on the new Naish Maliko 26

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Dreamy Canary Islands Secret Winter Sup Sessions

Here you have the first 2016 Webisode from the Lovers series and Thanks to the El niƱo phenomenal year in the Canary Islands

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Uganda Nile Style, Village Life | Kayak Session Short Film of the Year Awards 2015, Entry #26

A gangster video for a gangster village life. Finally got around to editing a video from the 3 months I spent living in a local village in Uganda last winter going kayaking everyday on the Nile. Just a snapshot of life in the village, lots of good times a

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Facebook To Beam Free Internet Across Africa Using Israeli Satellite

Facebook will use Israeli satellite AMOS-6, manufactured by the Israeli Aerospace Industries, to beam Internet access down into 14 countries in Africa.

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Poachers kill one of the world's largest elephants in Kenya - Telegraph

Poachers hack the face and tusks off Satao, one of Kenya's most famous elephants, as conservationists warn elephant poaching