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The Importance of Sleep for Young Athletes Who Travel

Not only can a healthy sleep schedule boost performance during a game, but it could also protect kids from getting injured.

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The Best Foods For Athletes — Food Network

As a Sports Dietitian, I find myself constantly saying the same things over and over. “Remember to hydrate.” “Don’t forget to fuel.” Sports nutrition is not a topic that is taught in school, so it’s no wonder that knowledge about these topics

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Simone Biles and Aimee Boorman formed a partnership that goes well beyond gymnastics

The day before the women’s gymnastics team final, a Twitter user suggested Simone Biles and her coach Aimee Boorman were their sport’s equivalent to Walter Payton and Mike Ditka.

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Olympic Cover-Up: Why You Won’t See Some Shoe Logos

Although it is unclear how many athletes will be disguising their footwear at the Rio Games, the practice is common at track meets, for various reasons.

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Low-Carb for Athletic Performance: Sayonara, Carb Loading?

“Everyone knows” athletes need to fuel with lots of carbs, right? There’s a reason why just about every marathon, century cycling ride and other event that requires pushing the boundaries of human endurance is preceded by a pasta party the evening b