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How to Tell Your Digital Brand Story

Your brand has a story, and you need to tell it! Here’s how to tell a digital brand story that will connect with your audience and cut through the noise.

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How To Avoid Ruining Your Brand With Branded Content

Many brands are paying a high price for this proliferation by producing a large volume of low quality content, simply because they feel like they need to be on social media.

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So Long, Hamburger Helper: America’s Venerable Food Brands Are Struggling - WSJ

The packaged-food industry is being hammered on both ends of the consumer spectrum, losing out to fresher items with fewer processed ingredients as well as inexpensive store labels. As brands such as Hamburger Helper and Chef Boyardee suffer, companies ar

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10 Unforgivable Facebook Marketing Mistakes From Brands

Facebook has a market saturation unrivalled by any other social network. To win over your audience you need to avoid these Facebook marketing mistakes.

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Why You Should Launch a Brand, Not a Product

Five reasons brands are what really matter to your consumers -- and your bottom line.

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How Nike Brilliantly Ruined Olympic Marketing Forever – Adweek

Unless you happen to be a company like GE, Coca-Cola or McDonald's—a brand that can afford the reported $100 million to $200 million it costs to be an official Olympic sponsor—you'd better not mention the Rio games in your marketing.

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Trends Brand Marketers Need to Heed - Brand Keys

Marketers cannot use mid-20th century survey tools to measure 21st century consumer values and behaviors because traditional techniques are likely to measure what consumers say, rather than what they think

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5 Rules of Branding That Will Make You A Sought-After Superstar

Customers stick with companies they like and remember for the long haul. Ask yourself, "What does my brand represent?"

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Why Your Brand Needs A Real Style Guide - Forbes

Illustration by Propoint Designer Gregg D. A well-developed style guide is an essential tool for establishing brand identity. A brand style guide (also known as a brand book or brand guide) acts as a key document that helps content creators communicate

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5 Steps Brands Need to Take When Working with Micro-Influencers - Forbes

Credit: pexels.com If you scroll through Twitter or Instagram, you can see a lot of Influencers with huge social media following. These people are a gold mine for those whose target audience is, well basically, everyone. But what if your product fits in v

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The 10 Best-Perceived Brands Among Consumers in 2016 (So Far) | Adweek

When it comes to brands, familiarity doesn’t breed contempt, at least according to YouGov BrandIndex, which released its midyear rankings of best-perceived brands today.According to the study, the most well-regarded brands are ones consumers interact w

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10 Lies About PR That Brands Need To Know - Forbes

PR remains a mishandled and mismanaged discipline. It has evolved from being merely a way to generate publicity to a bona-fide marketing powerhouse, hence why it’s regrettable to witness PR agencies and in-house teams implementing outdated PR practices

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Meet the New Digital Agency That Already Has 2,000 Big Names on Board | Adweek

Sports and marketing endorsements have long gone hand in hand, but the form those endorsements tend to take is increasingly shifting from traditional TV spots to sponsored Instagram posts.

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Words And Phrases Brands Ought To Keep Off Their Social Media Vocab

We live in such a liberated world now; few rules bind our online social activities and interactions. Surprisingly, brands and large entities are rarely enslaved by formal rules either. Be that as i...

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The Most Trusted Brands Among American Shoppers - Fortune

BrandSpark International conducted a survey to determine the most trusted brand name products among American shoppers.

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10 Rules Of Brand Development | Branding Strategy Insider

At this point in time there are ten rules to brand development that every brand builder should reference.

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8 Ways To Promote The YOU Brand On Social Media.

If as millenials we don't count our lucky stars (Pun intended...You know, because

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The A, B, Cs Of Getting Your Business To The Press, On A Budget.

When you're founding your business, high chances are you're working under a budget. A tight one at that seeing as, well, it's a new business. Financial discrepancies, capital-wise, are the last thi...

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Getting Your Business Started On Social Media.

Not having your business on social media is probably one of the not so smart a move you can make. The world currently revolves around the digital communication axis, if I should call it that. And t...

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How Brand Ambassadors Make Social... More Social

People are social beings. So why is it that most corporate social postings are both irrelevant and anonymous? Putting a personal, social component into your social marketing is imperative to engaging 2-way communication.

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Interesting facts about Coca-Cola - Business Insider

Did you know Coke invented couponing? And Coke conjured up the image of Santa Claus we all know today?

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What is Brand Storytelling?

If you've ever wondered "what is brand storytelling," it's a mix of content marketing, brand journalism, and article writing. Here's an explanation.

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19 famous companies that originally had different names

Did you know that many household-name companies actually started out with completely different names?