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Why More One-Person Businesses Are Breaking $1 Million Dollars In Revenue

The number of solo entrepreneurs and partnerships hitting seven-figures rose 33 percent since 2011.

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Want to Work From Home? Here's the Best Advice From 3,000 People Who Are Doing It Right | Inc.com

Houzz polled its members and asked people who work from home for their best advice. Here's their collective wisdom.

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What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Trademarks

Remember to renew and "police" your trademark registration, because if you don't use it, you lose it.

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How To Start An SEO Campaign With (Almost) No Money

Is there a way to start an SEO campaign without a significant monetary investment?

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How I Stopped Hustling and Started Succeeding

If you think hustling all the time is required for success, you are mistaken.

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Online courses for small business owners and wannabe entrepreneurs

Whether you run a small business or are just working on a great side hustle, maintaining an exceptional online presence is crucial.

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You Really Could Have a Legitimate Business in a Week

If your great idea solves problems, the rest is mostly filling out forms online. You can knock it out in a few days.

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5 Keys To Building A Strong Social Media Audience | Inc.com

Fitness entrepreneur Amanda Bucci helps explain how it really works.

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6 Steps to Starting a Business From Zero

When creating something from nothing, keep these basic but critical pointers in mind.

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$25-million gift for new LACMA building comes with an unexpected back story

Eric Smidt was a peddler’s son, rattling through the morning light in his father’s van, hawking jewelry, tape and electrical cords in the San Fernando Valley. He endured a troubled home life and spent two years in an orphanage. But a restless need for

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8-year-old boy starts baking business to buy mom a house and make people happy

Jalen Bailey is putting his bakery money towards a “house, college, puppy and savings” and helping homeless children in Fresno, Calif.

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7 Ways An Angel Can Tell If An Entrepreneur Will Be Truly Effective - Forbes

Almost every startup will need investment money at some stage, and more often than not, will have to ask for it. Angels can be a boon to your company, but what traits are they looking for in an entrepreneur that will give them confidence to invest generou

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Bee Partners closes $30 million fund to seed very early-stage startups | TechCrunch

Bee Partners in San Francisco has raised a $30 million fund, its second, to lead investments in very early stage startups based in the U.S. Founded in 2009,..

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14 Tips to Put Your Business Blog in the Spotlight

Blogging is no longer an online diary. It's big business, and your most effective marketing tool.

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5 Game-Changing Skills Every Young Entrepreneur Can Master

There are a handful of skills necessary to build whatever business you yearn to launch.

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No Venture Capital Needed, or Wanted - NYTimes.com

The business world is filled with starry-eyed entrepreneurs who hope that the blessings of angel investors and venture capitalists will transform their start-up dreams into companies with billion-dollar valuations.

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2016's Best Books for Entrepreneurs (So Far)

A selection of newly-published books to help you become more successful in life and in business.

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An entrepreneur who inked a $725,000 deal on 'Shark Tank' shares 4 steps she took to prepare - Business Insider

Kim Kaupe and her co-founder nabbed a deal with the Sharks. Here’s how she prepared for the live taping.

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Why Leaders and Entrepreneurs Should Admire Peyton Manning

Humility and a sense of humor have gotten the star quarterback this far. Will they help him win a second title?

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Starting and running a company are two completely different things… | VentureBeat

So you’ve had a business idea, but where do you start? It is important to understand the basics of starting your own company, but beginning this new business venture and being able to keep it going are two very different things.

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The Smartest Entrepreneurs Are Listening to These 10 Podcasts | Inc.com

Want to become a better entrepreneur? Start listening to one or all of these 10 podcasts.

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Top 5 Small-Business Ideas for Moms

Empowered Ezine picks businesses that are based at home and connected online

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▶ Why Capitalism Works - YouTube

Cultural depictions of capitalism are almost all negative. There's the Monopoly guy with the top hat and cigar. There's Gordon Gekko saying, "Greed is good."...

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8 Ways That Blogging Will Kickstart Your Startup

In this age of relationships, you are a very important element of your new brand, and it's never too early to start marketing the value of your expertise, insights and ideas.

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'I Read This 20 Times:' Five Founders Pick The Best Books For Startups

Five founders pick the best books for startups. One French entrepreneur recommends a literary classic she's read 20 times and says the principles within it have everything to do with her business. Entrepreneurs from around the globe weigh in with their mo

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Five management mistakes almost every new entrepreneur makes - The Globe and Mail

Many people seek entrepreneurship because it allows them to be the boss. You get to make all the business decisions, from general company strategy and positioning to the management of your human resources. It's an appealing position on paper, but in pract

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Marketing Your Startup With a $0 Budget

Working on a startup of your own can attract a rush of emotions. While some days you work on a high, certain that you have the next big thing within the palm of your hand, some days you are left with a load of uncertainty and doubt. Whether your startup is a new mobile app, software or tangible product the journey is nothing short of exciting.

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3 Reasons Why No Small Business Should Hire a PR Agency

Sir Richard Branson once famously remarked, “Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a frontpage ad.” The problem is, with PR agencies charging retainers of $3,000 to $10,000 per month, few entrepreneurs can even let themselves imagine what a full-page article or TV appearance could do for their growth.

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Sir Richard Branson's Advice For Entrepreneurs: Don't Be Afraid Of Fear

BY SIR RICHARD BRANSON - Conquering your fear will allow you to take the required risks to make your business a success and try new innovative approaches to business problems.

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How I Proved That Age Is Nothing But a Number as a Franchisee

Critics told UT Patel that he was too young to open his own franchise at age 30. So, he made it his mission to prove them wrong.

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3 Tips From the Founder Who Turned Down $2 Million on 'Shark Tank' | Inc.com

Walking away from a multimillion-dollar offer on ABC's Shark Tank is a bold move, but that's exactly what entrepreneur Patrick Ambron did during one of the show's most recent episodes.

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Startups Anonymous: When building a startup, where do you start?

[This is a weekly series that brings you raw, first-hand experiences from founders and investors in the trenches. Their story submissions are anonymous, allowing them to share openly without fear o...

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5 Marketing Mistakes I Made as a New Entrepreneur | Bplans

After years of working for micromanaging bosses, working ten-hour days, and feeling completely drained at the end of a workweek, my husband and I decided to call it quits. We left our jobs in the media world and started our own business, McEwen’s Media.

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Barbara Corcoran on How to Start Your Own Business on the Side

It’s often easier to start a new business while you’re still doing your day job, following a hunch that what you love might be just what a lot of customers out there are willing to pay for!

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8 Questions That Will Help Set the Right Expectations With Investors

You need to seek an amount that is just right, based on your real needs, and consistent with the capabilities and interests of the investors you are addressing.

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Top 25 Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are as easy to use as old-school radio but as specialized as blogs. Listening to them is one of the few examples of effective multi-tasking.

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12 Quotes That Take You Inside The Mind Of Billionaire Mavs Owner Mark Cuban

His first job was tending bar in Dallas. Then he took a gig as a computer salesman. He was fired — and he realized he "was never going to be a very good employee."

So he started his first company, MicroSolutions, which he sold for $6 million.

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How to Run a Business and Keep Your Weekends Too

Entrepreneurs sacrifice a lot for their businesses. Money, time, social life --all of these tend to go out the window. What I didn’t expect to lose, however, were my weekends.

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4 Tips for Managing Cash Flow When You're Bootstrapping | Entrepreneur.com

The wealthiest companies work hard to know where every dime goes. Startups literally cannot afford to do less.

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I Admit It. I Have No Idea What I'm Doing. (And That's a Good Thing.)

When starting up, it's OK if you don't know what you're doing some of the time. Here's why you should always keep an open mind and keep...

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Starting a Business: The Idea Phase

You know you want to start a business, but what do you do next? Here's how to find the perfect idea for your business.

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9 Things Rich People Do Differently Every Day

What you do today matters. Your daily habits may be a major determinant of your wealth.

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Are Entrepreneurs Really The Happiest People On Earth?

One of the questions I’m asked most often is, “Are you happy all the time because you’re an entrepreneur?” The mythology of entrepreneurialism is powerful. You “answer only to yourself,