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Egyptair MS804 debris spotted in Mediterranean

Greek officials confirm to NBC News that the first sign of debris from Egyptair flight MS804, which disappeared en route from Paris to Cairo with 66 people aboard, has been found about 130 miles south of the Greek island of Karpathos. Greek military radar

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Canadian flew over Calgary in chair carried by balloons - BBC News

A Canadian man who tied about 100 helium balloons to a garden chair and flew over the city of Calgary is charged with causing mischief.

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Making your own cocktails on a plane -- How to mix your own drinks at 36,000 feet

By packing miniature bottles of alcohol and other ingredients, you could mix your own drinks on a plane.

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Capturing a Handshake at 33,000ft for Red Bull

How in the world do you capture a photograph like the one above? Or any of the ones below for that matter? How do you deal with temperatures that run in th

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The First Commercial Jet to Break the Sound Barrier Was Not the Concorde

On this date in 1961, a jet designed for commercial use became the first civilian craft to go supersonic. It wasn't the famous Concorde, which wouldn't break the sound barrier until an October '69 test flight, or the Soviet-built Tupolev Tu-144, but rather a humble DC-8—no. N9604Z, to be specific.