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15 Dazzling Holiday Trains to Take Before They Grow Up

For all who truly believe, we’ve rounded up the best North Pole and Santa-packed train rides across the country.

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19 Amazing Outdoor Playhouses for Kids

These awesome playhouses may make you want to swap digs with the kids.

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22 Hilarious Jokes for Kids

Encourage them to get punny with these kid-approved quips that require little to no explanation from parents.

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The NEW LEGO House Is Coming Soon

We’ve got the scoop on this amazing LEGO experience that should officially go on your bucket list now. Read on for the details.

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3 Glow-in-the-Dark Recipes

Glow your own way with recipes that combine science and a wow-worthy special effect. Try one of these three glow-in-the-dark food ideas.

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Coolest Kid Friendly Water Slides Across the Country

Do your kids love water parks? With summer here, plan a family vacation to one of these incredible water parks across the country.

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Camping Gear That Does Everything (Except Pitch the Tent)

We’ve rounded up 10 awesome items to help you make the most of your family’s summer adventures.

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National Summer Programs for Families

During the summer, finding challenging and exciting activities to keep kids busy can be harder than completing in American Ninja Warrior.

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Best Community Pools for Los Angeles Families

When your backyard splash pool just doesn’t cut it anymore, check out these clean, local, convenient LA Community pools to take a plunge.

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The 10 Best Bikes for Kids Right Now

Flip through the following photos to find the best one for your little mover. Then, put on your helmets and hit the road!

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Edible Science Experiments for Kids

Give their curious minds a boost with these 15 exciting and edible experiments.

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Best Animal Attractions Around the Country

From exotic preserves to animal sanctuaries and protected environments, we've found amazing animal experiences in every part of the country

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15 Perfect Paper Crafts

Sometimes all you need is paper! Check out these paper crafts for guaranteed fun.

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You must have this amazing LEGO tape that turns any surface into a base

Two words: adhesive LEGOs. Just imagine the endless possibilities to keep your mini master builders busy. Nimuno has created the world's first tape that makes it possible to stick LEGOs to any surface. Read on to find out how y

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19 Cardboard Box Creations That Will Blow Your Mind

These cardboard box transformations are so cool you'll have as much fun making them as playing with them.

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17 Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Try these 17 super simple and fun kid-friendly science experiments at home.

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Just Re-Opened: Skypark at Santa’s Village

Fun, forest and fantasy, all rolled into one, just like the old commercials promised, now at the re-opened Santa's Village!

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Where to Go Ice Skating in LA

Ice skating rinks in LA are offering a winter wonderland for the whole family! Find our picks for the best kid-friendly rinks in Los Angeles

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Snow Day LA for the Whole Family

Check out this "snow park" that is now open a few miles from Downtown Los Angeles.

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Top Family Activities for all 50 States

Discover the ultimate list of what you need to do and see with kids in each state.

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Perfect Playdates for After-School Fun

Uh-oh. It's your turn to host the playdate and you're fresh out of fresh ideas. We've got your covered with these cool outings!

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Best Outdoor Swimming Holes in Los Angeles

From the Rock Pool in Malibu to Eaton Canyon Falls, Los Angeles has plenty of swimming water-holes to help you beat the heat this summer.

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9 Only in LA Things You Gotta See to Believe

Chicken boys and giant clown ballerinas can only be found in the City of Angels. See what other local silly sights delight young explorers.

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Bike Riding Lessons That Get Little Riders Rolling

Check out our favorite places in LA that offer bike riding lessons to kids (minus the tears or fears) and get your mini-cyclist rolling in no time!

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50 Fun Summer Activities for LA Kids

Need a few ideas to keep kids entertained during these long, lazy summer days? Check out Red Tricycle's list of fun summer activities here!

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2 Summer Spots for Picnic, Play & a Serenade

Summer nights at LACMA and Descanso each offer two chances a week for families to picnic, play and catch a concert.

Family & Parenting | Kids

Everyone Walk the Dinosaur!

Check out the Los Angeles Dinosaur exhibits with your Super Silly Sauruses!

Family & Parenting | Kids

Now Open for Summer: The Adventure Playground

We know where to hammer & build, climb & slide and get muddy & messy this summer: The Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach!

Family & Parenting | Kids

Minecraft Mania: Pixel Perfect Parties & Play in LA

If you've got a Minecraft fiend, these amazing camps, classes and parties are the be all to "ender" all!

Family & Parenting | Kids

DC Universe: The Exhibit is Here!

Warner Bros Studios just opened their newest attraction, "DC Universe: The Exhibit". Find out why it's a must-visit for any superhero lovin' kid.

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Just Opened: Arroyo Adventure at Kidspace

Soar like a hawk, build like a beaver and be crafty as a fox at the new Arroyo Adventures at Kidspace!

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From Malibu to the South Bay: The 10 Best Beaches for Kids

These LA area beaches, where beauty and convenience meet, earn top marks from parents of little beach bums.

Family & Parenting | Kids

Make a Splash at SoCal’s Great Wolf Lodge

Get ready to make a splash at Southern California's newest theme park for family fun.

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18 Free Things To Do in Los Angeles This May (2016)

We've cataloged a link list of free things to do in May we think are worthy of keeping on your radar.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Mr. T's Bowl restored to its 1927 splendor

The Highland Park Bowl, which opened in 1927 and was for years known as Mr. T's Bowl, is back to its original state — with modern touches and cocktails.

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A Parent’s Ultimate Guide to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Are you mad for Harry? We went to the brand new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood and scoped out every tip and trick that will make your family visit magical.

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How to get a box of really cool Japanese snacks and toys delivered every month

There are some people who can spend an entire afternoon in a Japanese market, wandering through the aisles of green tea-flavored candy, rice crackers,  togarashi , flavored seaweed and salad Pretz. 

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A Magical Brunch at the Magic Castle

Hocus Pocus? Abra Cadabra? Pretty Please? You'll need the magic word to get access to the Magic Castle (don't worry, they'll tell you if you can't guess) for their astounding brunch, the only time kids are allowed in the hallowed, haunted halls.

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Strawberry Picking Farms Near Los Angeles

Strawberry season is in full swing! Come and explore these 3 sweet u pick strawberry farms with LA kids.

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Summer Camps You Gotta Sign Up For Today

Avoid wait list purgatory! You've got to sign up for the coolest summer camps now; these are so popular they fill up *fast*.

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Carnival in the City: Mardi Gras Fun for L.A. Families

Slip on a pair of yoga pants (the only elastic waist you’d be caught dead in, amiright?) and eat and party your way through Fat Tuesday, family-style.

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2 New Hands On Spots for Tots

Two new spots, just for tots? It must be our New Year wishes coming true. With Toddler Town and Outside the Box, your youngest explorers will never be bored this year.

Family & Parenting | Kids

You’ll Flipper For This Seal Sanctuary

Stop in to this spot by the sea where you can see seals as they heal at this marine mammal animal hospital that welcomes visits from kids.

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Strike Out For The Slickest Bowling Alleys For Families

Get your balls out of the gutter (hey, now get your mind out, too!) when you hit these bowling spots that cater to kids.

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Serving Up 5 Swell Spots for Kids Tennis Lessons

Got a little Venus on your hands? Develop her skills on the courts at one of the best spots for tennis lessons in town!

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What We Can’t Wait For In 2016

With wizards, a circus of animals, brews by the beach with our kids, science, burgers and water parks, 2016 is going to be a banner year for new things to do with your kids in LA!

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20 Things To Do On Christmas Day

Who says you have to hang out at home all day on Christmas? You've got all week to play with those new toys, so get out there and explore with family and friends. Here's where to go.

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Sand Sledding: Hit The Slopes LA Style

Why bundle up, when you can hit the beach to slide down the slopes? Here are our favorite three spots for sand sledding. Bathing suits optional.

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Make a computer - Kano Computer Kit for Kids

Make a computer. A playful computer and coding kit for ages 6 and up -- just like LEGO

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Use the Force: 10 Crafts & Activities to Indulge Your Star Wars Side

When it comes to Star Wars fantasies, young Jedis dream big. Help them awaken the force with these great crafts and activities.

Family & Parenting | Kids

The Force Is Strong in Los Angeles

If the force is strong in your family, you're counting the days 'til the new movie! These activities and events throughout LA will help young Jedi's keep their cool until The Force Awakens.

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Love Advice After 32 Years of Marriage

My parents may be at fault for me romanticizing love. Last week, they celebrated their 32nd anniversary. Because sadly, that is much different than the modern love story of today, I asked them, separately how they've made it work this long.

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Bubble Wrap is dead, long live Bubble Wrap

Yesterday we learned some horrible news: Sealed Air, the company that makes Bubble Wrap, is rolling out a new version that doesn't pop. The reasoning behind this choice is sound. The version of...

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High Schoolers' Stellar Moves Will Make You Cheer

A trio of teens recently brought the house school down when they battled each other in an impromptu dance-off, impressing everyone gathered with their stellar moves. Video captures Josh Grant, Taiz

Politics | Op-Ed

Geezers On the Go | Jlife

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10 great places for food lovers in the Downtown Arts District

For those who don’t live downtown, Saturdays are a great day to visit the sprawling Downtown Arts District. There’s a lot happening and much of it is walkable once you find a parking spot for car or bike or jump off the bus. On Saturdays, two

News | News

Annual polar bear plunges splash winter in the face

While you slept off a confetti hangover, thousands of nutty people risked frostbite in private places for polar bear plunges.