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Galangal Root Fights Cancer Like No Other Herb

What looks like ginger, acts like turmeric, but fights cancer like a champ and can even keep your brain healthy? Galangal root, which does even more.

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Puréed Winter Squash Soup With Ginger Recipe

One of the most comforting dishes you can make with winter squash is a puréed soup I use rice to thicken this one, but you could also use a potato, or not add additional starch at all, as the squash itself has a lot of body To enhance the flavor, this on

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Ginger Fried Rice Recipe

This recipe comes to The Times from the fertile mind of the chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten Like all fried-rice dishes it begins with leftover rice (freshly cooked rice is too moist to fry well) It’s jasmine rice here, but white from Chinese takeout work