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Before you update to iOS 11 here's how to check which apps won't work

For users of Apple's iOS the imminent arrival of a major new update to the mobile platform is generally a moment of high excitement.

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Everything Apple will introduce at tomorrow’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X event

Tomorrow morning, the collective eyes of the tech world will be laser focused on Apple's special media event where Tim Cook and co. will introduce a slew of new iPhone models, a next-gen Apple Watch and a completely revamped Apple TV. Set to kick off at 1

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The iPhone 10 years in: Everything that's changed from 2007 to 2017

News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel.

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Apple Sets Sept. 12 Launch Event to Debut Revamped iPhone - Bloomberg

Apple Inc. has set Sept. 12 for its most significant new product announcement in years.

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New leak directly from Apple confirms wireless charging in the iPhone 8 – BGR

Apple mistakenly released HomePod software into the wild, and the operating system revealed more details about the iPhone 8 than we’d have expected. In fact, the HomePod's firmware tells a much better iPhone 8 story than iOS 11, which is already availab

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Best iOS app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps for free for a limited time

Everyone likes apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Developers put paid apps on sale for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up fast. Here are the latest and greatest iOS app deals on sale in the iOS App Store.

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The new iOS 11 gives the iPad its biggest update ever — here’s what it’s like

iOS 11 greatly improves the iPad's functionality, but it's still not enough to replace a full computer.

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Some of your apps will stop working when you install iOS 11 – here’s how to see which ones

Apple’s new iOS 11 software is obviously one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the year. It’ll bring tons of hot new features and refinements to millions upon millions of iPhone…

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Sega will start releasing its classic games as free mobile apps

Sega is launching a new mobile gaming initiative called Sega Forever, the long-lived publisher announced today. Under that banner, the company plans to bring loads of games from all eras of its 30-year history to Android and iOS devices as free-to-play ap

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The 27 most interesting new features in iOS 11

When iOS 11, the new, free iPhone/iPad OS upgrade comes this fall, you won't gain any big-ticket feature. Instead, you'll get lot of tiny nips and tucks that fall into five categories: Nice Tweaks, Storage Help, iPad Exclusives, Playing Catch-Up

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After two weeks with the Galaxy S8, I still think the iPhone 7 Plus is the world’s best phone

It's funny how months of leaks and rumors can paint what appears to be a complete picture of an upcoming smartphone. But then, once the device is finally announced, a different picture forms.

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Follow this guide to learn how to delete, and recover, notes on your iPhone

Notes is one of the best productivity apps in iOS. In this guide, we'll show you how to delete and recover notes using a variety of methods, including both iTunes and third-party apps.

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Apple makes a bunch of apps free for everyone

iOS and Mac users can now download iMovie, GarageBand and iWork suite without having to shell out for the app or a new device.

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How to Turn a Live Photo into a GIF on Your iPhone

Live Photos are magical! The camera on your iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus or iPhone SE snaps a "photo" that records what's happening 1.5 seconds

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Apple iOS 10.3 Has A Nasty Surprise

Apple iOS 10.3 upgrades are causing iPhone and iPad users to worry...

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Hidden feature in iOS 10.3 will make living with 16GB iPhones a lot easier – BGR

Apple earlier this week released a bunch of updates for its various mobile operating system, including iOS 10.3, the next major upgrade for iPhone and iPad. We already showed you some of the best features of iOS 10.3 and explained why the iPhone will sudd

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The 8 best new features Apple added to your iPhone in iOS 10.3

After releasing roughly 437 different iOS 10.3 betas to developers over the past few weeks alone, Apple has finally released iOS 10.3 to the public. The new mobile software is available as an over the air (OTA) download or as a download through iTunes on

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You’re going to freak out when you find out your iPhone has this feature

It’s a new day, and that means a new revelation about the iPhone has been revealed. In other words: Your iPhone has a secret…

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Tech Tip: What to Do When a Mac or iDevice is Stolen

It can happen to anyone. One minute you're sitting at an outside café, you get distracted, and the next minute you notice your iPhone or MacBook is gone. Or

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You need to try these 5 free iPhone games that just launched on the App Store this week

One of our most popular features over the past couple of years has been our paid apps gone free posts , in which we find a bunch of apps that normally cost money, but are temporarily on sale for free. Today, we're introducing a new feature where we round

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Didn’t mean to delete that? Here’s how to recover deleted text messages on your iPhone

If you've ever needed to recover text messages, photos, or other types of media, there are a few simple ways to do so in iOS 10. Here are just a few examples, whether you prefer to go with a third-party app or one of several built-in features.

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How to Use/Scan QR Code With Chrome on iPhone 3D Touch Shortcut

Very fresh trick you can know here, update your iOS chrome browser that lets you to scan QR code with chrome on iPhone 3D touch shortcut.

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Tech Tip: How iCloud Photo Library and the Photos App Work

The holidays are hitting this month and that means time with family and friends as well as making memories with your iPhone or iPad camera. You might very w

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10 hidden iPhone tricks Apple never told you about

Apple's iOS 10 software is packed so full of features at this point that it's absolutely impossible to remember them all. The engineers and designers responsible for creating the iPhone and Apple's iOS 10 software can't even remember them all. The same ca

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A dozen iOS 10 feature gems that Apple forgot to mention

Last month, when Apple (AAPL) released iOS 10, the latest system software for the iPhone/iPad, it made a big deal out of the major features, like a redesigned Music app and contextual predictions in Autocorrect.

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​Apple now sells refurbished iPhones -- with a new battery

Its used but spruced-up iPhones aren't heavily discounted from new models, but they do get a new battery and shell.

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PlayStation games coming to Android and iOS | WIRED UK

Sony is planning to revive earlier PlayStation classic for a new life as apps and games on your mobile

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The 92 features that make iOS 10 a fine, free upgrade

You can upgrade your iPhone to iOS 10 today! 92 new features, yours free! First, there’s been a colossal revamp of Messages, Apple’s text-messaging app. Second, Apple (APPL) has brilliantly rethought that moment when you pick up the phone—a hundred

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See If Your Mac, iDevices Are Compatible with Sierra, iOS 10

The announcements of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra will lead many to wonder whether their devices or Macs will support the new operating systems.

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Pokemon Go Guide: What is IV and How to Find it

Pokemon Go might seem like a very simple game. You run around, catching Pokemon, and sometimes use them to attack or defend gyms. Sure, that's the basic de

Gaming | Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Type Chart: What Beats What

Pokemon Go doesn't force you to do a whole lot of fighting. Unless you're trying to take out gyms, the power and type of your Pokemon shouldn't really conc

Gaming | Pokemon Go

The Pokémon Go Trainer's Advanced Tactics Handbook

You’ve tossed a few PokéBalls, caught a few Caterpies, and spun your way to a few items at the PokéStop, but it’s time to take things to the next level. These tips and tricks will help you go from novice trainer to unbeatable gym leader faster than

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Hands-On Impressions of iOS 10 Developer Beta | Other World Computing Blog

During the past few days, I've been acquainting myself with the first developer beta of iOS 10.

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The 7 best new features of iOS 10

Apple's iOS 10 brings a host of upgrades to the company's mobile operating system, some better than others.

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How to add more storage to an iOS device

Can't fit all your music, movies, documents and other stuff? Before you spend money on a higher-capacity iPhone or iPad, read this.

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Tech Tip: Creating Reminders Based on Location | Other World Computing Blog

Apple's Reminders app is probably one of the most underused apps on both iOS and Mac OS X. Many people place meeting or personal reminders into Calendars,

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Apple supplier mistakenly leaks details of next year’s major iPhone redesign

Citing a statement from the CEO of Catcher Technology — a key Apple supply partner — Nikkei reports that one of Apple’s iPhone models in 2017 will feature a glass casing. If this …

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iTunes Magic Trick Frees Storage Space on Your iPhone | Other World Computing Blog

Nearly every iPhone user runs low on storage at some point. It’s not surprising considering that 16GB is still the base model storage across the entire iPhone l

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12 reasons I still wear my Apple Watch every day

After 12 months and 1 day, my Apple Watch is still a constant companion, keeping me on time, on track, and more aware of the world around me.

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Quick Tip: Manually create a backup of your Health.app data - The Sweet Setup

The data from Health.app used to be something I didn’t think about too much. Once I got Apple Watch, that all changed. I’m feeding a ton of exercise data into it and also calorie data from MyFitnessPal. This data is backed up to iCloud and synced betw

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You can now control your Android TV from your iPhone

Android TV is getting a virtual remote on iOS. As with Android version of the same app, it works via Wi-Fi to connect to your Android TV and provides a vir

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Quick Tip: Setting Up the Night Shift Feature In iOS 9.3 | Other World Computing Blog

Apple is touting a new feature that can actually help you to fall asleep faster. In this quick tip, I’ll show you how to set up Night Shift.

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The New Power of Notes in iOS 9.3, OS X 10.11.4 | Other World Computing Blog

The Notes app gained some new capabilities. Today we’ll take a look at some new things you can do with Notes, as well as highlight a few functions you may not have been aware of before.

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Best app deals of the day! 8 paid iPhone apps free for a limited time

Everyone likes free apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on the chopping block for free, but you have to snatch them up while you have the chance. Here are the latest and greatest apps that will co

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Bring iPhone Slo-Mo Videos Back Up to Speed

If you accidentally recorded a video in Slo-Mo mode on an iPhone or iPad Air 2, you can’t easily save a real-time version. Jeff Carlson shares a couple of workarounds using either the free Slow Fast Slow app or iMovie for iOS.

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This company hacked an iPhone with Play-Doh

If you’re protecting your smartphone with your fingerprint, beware strangers bearing Play-Doh.

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iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: A Detailed Look At ALL The Rumours | Know Your Mobile

How will 2016's biggest flagships compare? We take a look at the rumours behind Apple's iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7

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Friday Five: Apple Webpages You Should Bookmark Right Now | Other World Computing Blog

Each week, the Friday Five takes a quick look at a Mac OS X or iOS app or tech topic to point out five things you may have overlooked before.

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Apple Unlocked iPhones for the Feds 70 Times Before - The Daily Beast

A 2015 court case shows the tech giant was willing to play ball with the government before—and is only stopping now because it might ‘tarnish the Apple brand.’

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How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

For years, Apple followed user-centered design principles. Then something went wrong.

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Microsoft's new iOS app serves up news stories based on your job

Microsoft released News Pro, a new iOS app that uses Bing News to deliver personalized feeds of news based on your profession.

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The Best Apps to Run a Startup From Your Phone - WSJ

There’s been an explosion in apps designed for small companies. Here are the best offerings.

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Is iOS 7 making you feel sick? Here's why - NBC News

Apple's new iOS 7 software is apparently making some people seasick on solid ground. Experts on motion sickness say the sharpness of the screen and the motion of the icons may be partly to blame.Users who have upgraded to iOS 7 are reporting nausea,

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Assembly for iOS is a graphic design app for beginners and pros alike

Assembly is an iOS app that makes graphic design accessible, regardless of your experience or lack there of. Ok, so it’s not going to be winning you any pr

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How the iPhone and iOS have changed over the years - Business Insider

Apple's mobile software has changed a lot since the first iPhone was unveiled in 2007.

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Watch 7 years of iPhone evolution in one hypnotic GIF | VentureBeat

Has it really been only seven years since Steve Jobs first walked on stage and gave the epic demo of the first iPhone?

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9 awesome paid iPhone apps you can get free for a limited time

Yesterday's list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free was one of the best lists we've published in a while, and a few of them are still free downloads if you hurry up and follow this link.

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12 best iPhone apps of 2014

From killer new productivity apps, to some of the most addicting games to ever land on the iPhone, you'd be forgiven for not being able to choose the best offerings of the year.

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How I use iOS apps to manage my calendar and daily tasks — Tech News and Analysis

Last week, I looked at how I use my iPad to manage my notes. This week. I’m going to look at how I use iOS to manage my schedule and task items.

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I Spent A Week Switching Between The 2 Best Big-Screen Phones In The World ...

For the past week I've been switching between what will end up being the top two phablets around: Samsung's new Galaxy Note 4, which launches this week in the US, and the iPhone 6 Plus, which has been out for about a month.

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The greatest myth about phones is that you are in control | The Verge

In the human-machine relationship, you, fellow Homo sapiens, are commonly designated as the owner, operator, or otherwise dictator of the subservient device in your possession. Consider, however,...

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iOS 8 Features: iOS 8 tip that will change the way you use Messages

Mobile messaging apps are incredibly hot right now, as evidenced by Facebook's recent $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp. As popular as various cross-platform solutions like WhatsApp, LINE, Snapchat, Kik and others are becoming, Apple's own first-party a

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Al-Qaeda prefers Android over Apple's iOS (really)

A new report by intelligence firm Recorded Future examined Al-Qaeda's changes in encryption in response to the Snowden leaks, noting "an increased pace of innovation, specifically new competing jihadist platforms and three major new encryption tools from three different organizations - GIMF, Al-Fajr Technical Committee, and ISIS - within a three to five-month time frame of the leaks."