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Securing Your Home Network

Why secure your home router? Home routers are directly accessible from the Internet, are easily discoverable, are usually continuously powered-on, and are frequently vulnerable because of their default configuration. These characteristics offer an intrude

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It’s time for the internet to block fake emails

One of the biggest upsides of the internet is that people from all over the world now have access to virtually anyone anywhere. Everyone is just an email..

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How Israel Caught Russian Hackers Scouring the World for U.S. Secrets - The New York Times

Exploiting the popular Kaspersky antivirus software, Russian hackers searched millions of computers for American intelligence keywords. Israeli intelligence tipped off American officials.

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And to My Executor, I Leave My Passwords | Fifth Third Bank LegacyLink

What would the consequences be if, after your death, no one could access information you stored electronically? Use these tips to include and protect your digital assets.

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How a U.S. team uses Facebook, guerrilla marketing to peel off potential ISIS recruits - The Washington Post

With advertising dollars and big data, a tiny U.S. agency seeks to chip away at the militant groups’ online appeal.

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U.S. Intelligence Got the Wrong Cyber Bear

The U.S. government's technical report on Russian hacking identifies a tool that is readily available.

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe While You're Gone for the Holidays

If you have travel plans for the holidays, you’re not alone. The stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is one of the busiest long-distance travel periods of the year, according to the Department of Transportation. “Although July and August are the peak months for break-ins, nearly 400,000 burglaries occur in the U.S. during November and December,” says Sarah Brown, a home security expert.

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This USB stick is basically directly out of a sci-fi movie and we're scared

Why does a USB seem threatening? Well, this little piece of technology will completely destroy your computer once it's plugged into it.

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15 Years After 9/11, Is America Any Safer?

The United States has spent $1 trillion to defend against al-Qaeda and ISIL, dirty bombs and lone wolves, bioterror and cyberterror. Has it worked?

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Tech Tip: Finding and Changing Your MAC Address in OS X

Every network card in your Mac, whether it's for Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or even Thunderbolt, has been assigned a unique identifier called a Media Access Control or

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50 G.O.P. Officials Warn Donald Trump Would Put Nation’s Security ‘at Risk’ - NYTimes.com

Fifty of the nation’s most senior Republican national security officials, many of them former top aides or cabinet members for President George W. Bush, have signed a letter declaring that Donald J. Trump “lacks the character, values and experience” to be president and “would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being.”

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Two-Factor Authentication for Apple ID

Enabling two-factor authentication for your Apple ID is probably the most effective way to keep your Apple products secure.

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Emails: Key security features disabled on Clinton's server

News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel.

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This is how the FBI destroys Hillary: The 10 questions that could end her White House dreams

These questions, if answered honestly, would most likely hand the Democratic nomination to Bernie Sanders

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Apparently there's ANOTHER hidden message inbox on Facebook

We're about to share with you something that will change your life, probably (and suck up any free time you have). There is a whole vault of unseen Faceboo

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Apple: New Malware Infects iOS Devices - Fortune

Palo Alto Networks researchers discovered new malware that can infect Apple iOS devices even if they aren’t jailbroken.

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A Stranger Is Following Her Closely, But When She Turns Around? This Is Going To Save A Lot Of Lives | facebook

9-1-1. Those three numbers have stood as a symbol of safety in the face of emergency for nearly 50 years. It's the first telephone number that ... | facebook

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This company hacked an iPhone with Play-Doh

If you’re protecting your smartphone with your fingerprint, beware strangers bearing Play-Doh.

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NSA chief: ‘Paris would not have happened’ without encrypted apps

National Security Agency Director Adm. Michael Rogers warns that encryption is making it “much more difficult” for the agency to intercept the communications of terrorist groups like the Islamic State, citing November’s Paris attacks as a case where

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10 million California student records about to be released to attorneys - San Jose Mercury News

In a massive data release, California public-school records on about 10 million students -- including their Social Security numbers -- are about to be handed over to attorneys for a group suing the state, with both parties blaming the other for the impend

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Frontier flight attendant gives list of armed passengers to customer

A man traveling on a flight from Chicago to Phoenix this past Sunday got a note from a flight attendant. She thought he was a Federal Air Marshal, and she told him there were two armed passengers on the flight.

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Don’t Be Hacker Bait: Do This One-Hour Security Drill

Do this one-hour digital security checklist to boost your data privacy and protect all your devices from hackers.

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Lenovo protects your Security with '12345678' as Hard-Coded Password

Lenovo's file-sharing app SHAREit uses hard-coded Wi-Fi Hotspot password to protect files for Hackers.

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Oscar-Winning Documentarian Laura Poitras Is Emerging—Carefully—Into the Spotlight

With a new solo art exhibition about mass surveillance, and a film about Julian Assange in the works, filmmaker and journalist Laura Poitras is emerging, ever so carefully, into the spotlight.

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San Bernardino Shooter Passed DHS Counterterrorism Screening

CBS News reports that one of the shooting suspects in the San Bernardino massacre Wednesday passed the Department of Homeland Security's "counterterrorism screening as part of her vetting" for a visa. Writes the National Review:

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House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees - CNNPolitics.com

The House easily passed a bill Thursday that would suspend the program allowing Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the U.S. until key national security agencies certify they don't pose a security risk.

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Turn your old phone into a home security camera you can watch from anywhere - CNET

If you have one or more old phones laying around, here's a way to turn them into security cameras you can log into from anywhere.

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How to listen to (and delete) everything you've ever said to Google | Technology | The Guardian

Whether you’re asking directions or drunkenly swearing, Google never forgets, recording everything you’ve ever said to it. Do you dare listen back?

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Don't believe that privacy hoax all over your Facebook feed

Sound the alarms: Facebook is about to start charging a monthly fee to keep your data private! It's all over your News Feed, so it must be true!

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Hey Siri, you freak me out | VentureBeat | Security | by Sindy Nanclares

When Apple introduced the Macintosh, it promised 1984 wouldn’t be like Nineteen Eighty-Four. And yet there’s something seriously Orwellian about Apple in the year 2015.

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Firefox users, here's a security flaw you'll need to fix

This bug can upload files from your computer if you visit the wrong news site. But you can close up the hole by downloading the latest version of the browser.

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Intelligence officials: Hillary's private server contained information from 5 US spy agencies

Classified emails that were stored on the private email server of former Secretary of State...

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1975 Article On Internet Spying Not Written By Time Traveler, Probably

People often think about internet spying as relatively new. But the internet was used for spying before we even called it the internet—and when we look back at news articles from the era, we can’t say we weren’t warned.

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Hacking Tools: PITA uses radio waves to steal encryption keys | BGR

Just when you thought you were safe, a new hacking toy comes along and rocks your world. Imagine a tool exists that lets hackers pluck encryption keys from your laptop right out of the air. You can't stop it by connecting to protected Wi-Fi networks or e

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U.S. law enforcement thwarted plots timed to July 4th - CNNPolitics.com

With this use of social media recruits have a "devil in their pocket all day long that says 'Kill, kill, kill,'" FBI Director James Comey said.

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My Way News - US: More than 21 million affected by new government data breach

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hackers stole Social Security numbers, health histories and other highly sensitive data from more than 21 million people, the Obama administration said Thursday, acknowledging that the breach of U.S. government computer systems was far more severe than previously disclosed.

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22 Million Affected by OPM Hack, Officials Say - Yahoo News

From Yahoo News: The U.S. agency burglarized by suspected Chinese hackers has completed its long-awaited damage assessment: In total, more than 22 million people inside and outside government likely had their personal information stolen, officials announc

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VCs and startups are now paying attention to a vital thing they used to ignore

If a startup wants to get noticed, there's one new important thing they must pay attention to: How secure they are.

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The real story of how the Internet became so vulnerable

Scientists worried about intruders and military threats, but they didn’t anticipate that the network’s users would attack one another.

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RadioShack Bankruptcy Auction May Include Customer Data - Fortune

More than 13 million e-mail addresses and 65 million customers' names and addresses are included in the RadioShack bankruptcy auctions.

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Google security temporarily compromised by fake digital certificates | VentureBeat | Security | by Dylan Tweney

Bad news for Google — and for anyone who uses its products: The company revealed today that it has discovered several fake digital certificates for some of its domains.

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How to See If Your VPN Is Leaking Your IP Address (and How to Stop It)

VPNs are great for security, but one of the big reasons many people use one is to mask or change their IP address. This lets you get around location-based restrictions on content, or check if your provider is throttling your connection. Unfortunately, a n

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OS X Yosemite update tackles 'surprise' Mac security flaws

You know those unpatched Mac security exploits that Google revealed a few days ago? You probably won't have to worry about them any more. Apple has relea

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Watching a USB Hack in Action Makes Me Never Want to Leave My Computer

Remember BadUSB, the pervasive and unfixable security vulnerability that turns every USB device into a vector for attacks against just about every computer? The one that's out in the wild now? I always knew it was bad, but this video really brought it hom

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Smooth Surface SAML Single Sign-On -

Under the surface, SAML Single Sign-on's webbed feet are paddling like crazy to complete the SAML algorithm that performs secure and seamless transitions

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Pack Those Authentication Fears Away: Authentication -

Certain 2FA solutions help make the transition to stronger authentication easy. PortalGuard’s Crossroads tech brief, Navigating the Authentication Crossroad

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False Positives – Bane to Users and Admins Alike -

With regards to security software, false positives create ambiguity that is confusing in its most benign form and dangerous in its most malevolent . . .

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Transparent Ally Part 2: Transparent Authentication -

Contextual authentication has been around for years, but is finally starting to gain traction. It seeks to leverage extra information the computer can use

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A Call to Arms: Password Management -

IT Hero, diligence and fortitude has created a Utopia of safety . . . Without proper Password Management rules in place, all your efforts are for not.

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Let the Professionals Build: SaaS Tech Brief -

Countless SaaS providers are facing a similar issue today except without the Lincoln Logs. They might have the experience and resources - SaaS Tech Brief

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SAML SSO Neck Tie -

The masses will be happy to be free of so many passwords, but as more users and resources are added to the system . . . Learn more about SAML SSO

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Obama Initiates BuySecure: YOU Can Help Defeat Cyber Attacks -

President Obama took a minute to thank businesses of all sizes that are making an effort to defeat cyber attacks. “I want to thank all the business leaders

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The Age of Self Reliance: Self-service Password Reset -

The Age of Self Reliance: Self-service. I think it goes without saying that most of us would want to be known as self-reliant. Not the kind of self-reliant

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Passwords: The Frequent Nightmare (SAML Single sign-on) -

Are you exhausted of having to remember all of your passwords and which password goes with each account? The SAML Single Sign-on tech brief expounds on . . .

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Snapchat Takes a Hit -

Snapchat has claimed that it has not been breached, but rather a third party app, snapsaved.com, had fallen victim of this data breach. Snapsaved.com . . .

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Client App Nirvana -

App stores are relatively new, so they have learned from the decades of . . . As an example, PortalGuard’s PassiveKey feature is a two-factor implementation

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It's Me! I Just Forgot Who I Am! Password Recovery -

UGH! I knooow I forgot my password, but I know my mother’s maiden name! I just want my password back! Password recovery is nothing new. As a matter a fact

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The Yin and Yang of Single Sign-On -

User’s that must have access to multiple protected resources during their work day will see this same type of conundrum. Single Sign-On will be put in . . .

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Silent Authentication: Transparent Ally Part 1 -

Silent Authentication: to better understand a computer’s disadvantages, let’s start eliminating the advantages you have as a human . . .

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A Call to Arms: Second Factor Authentication -

By logging in with this second factor authentication (2FA), they limit not only their vulnerability but that of the Kingdom! But you are wise, brave hero

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Is the Cost of 2FA Too High? Two-factor Authentication Methods -

Two-factor Authentication Methods: there's no need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect your environment with 2FA, like RSA’s SecurID.

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A Call to Arms: Single Sign-On -

Achievement unlocked IT Hero! You have successfully completed the first . . . By fortifying the castle gates with an Single Sign-on solution, you allow your end users

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Samsung Knox security for Android found to be 'Completely' Compromised

Samsung's Knox security layer for Android generates weak encryption keys, stores passwords locally and gives users login hints in a fatal

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Stop Being the Victim of Data Breaches, Start Being the Hero! -

Data breaches are becoming increasingly more costly for companies. One way that companies can increase security is increasing . . .

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Two Factor Auth List

List of sites with Two Factor Auth support which includes SMS, email, phone calls, hardware, and software.

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Apple's Touch ID privacy flaw just got worse

When Apple launched its Touch ID fingerprint sensor, it had a troublesome flaw, but now that the company is allowing the sensor to be used by outside developers, that problem has potentially metast...

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Office 365, the Cloud, and PortalGuard: Is your Campus Secure? -

Integrate Office 365 with PortalGuard for a secure authentication login, identity management, cloud security, contextual authentication, and IT

Science & Technology | Education

PortalGuard For Education

Get stronger self-service password reset and stronger single sign-on for education to increase login security.

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Two-factor, single sign-on, and password reset User Authentication

The PortalGuard software is an authentication solution-set which is focused on enhancing usability, while maintaining a balance between security, auditing, and compliance for your web and desktop authentication requirements. PortalGuard provides capabilit

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Ryan Lovelace - Former Border Patrol Deputy Chief: 'All of the Good That Was Done after 9/11 Up to Now Has Been Reversed Singlehandedly'

Former Border Patrol Deputy Chief: 'All of the Good That Was Done after 9/11 Up to Now Has Been Reversed Singlehandedly' -

News | From the HuffPost

These Harvard And MIT Kids Say They've Made NSA-Proof Email

Those who worry that Gmail or the National Security Agency may be rifling through their emails now have a new alternative: ProtonMail, a super-secure email service created by students from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. &q...