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There's new evidence that Silicon Valley's favorite diet could help delay aging

A new study in animals suggests that significantly slashing calorie intake could come with some positive benefits, but more studies in people are needed.

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Tackling Age Discrimination in Silicon Valley | WIRED

Companies can thrive without shunning employees of a certain age. Karen Wickre offers tech firms some advice for tackling age discrimination.

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Uber Board Unanimously Approves All Holder Report Recommendations; Details Secret Until Tuesday

The Holder Report is expected to recommend sweeping changes to Uber's notoriously aggressive and misogynistic corporate culture, but its precise prescriptions remain secret

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T.J. Miller Explains Why He's Leaving 'Silicon Valley'

He once told a drug-dealing kid that he brought piss to a sh– fight. He flew into a petty rage because someone was stealing his narrow spoons, which were the only ones that could effectively …

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The ridiculous Not Hotdog app from 'Silicon Valley' is real

Our long national nightmare is over: Thanks to HBO and Silicon Valley there's finally an app that will tell you if the object you pointed your phone's camera at...

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Tech-Investment Advice From the Star of Silicon Valley

The HBO hit comedy has given actor Thomas Middleditch a foothold in the real-life Silicon Valley investment culture.

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Meet The Man Whose Site Mark Zuckerberg Reads Every Day

For the last decade, Gabe Rivera has been quietly shaping the tech industry’s story for its top executives, investors, and journalists. But is the editor behind Silicon Valley’s Drudge Report ready...

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Inside Medium's meltdown: Evan Williams' startup - Business Insider

A big misstep by the startup's billionaire founder has angered some people and hurt his credibility.

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How Apple—and the Rest of Silicon Valley—Avoids the Tax Man | WIRED

Apple is not the only high-tech US firm taking advantage of tax loopholes in places like Ireland and the Cayman Islands.

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Erlich Bachman gets a call from his future self

Jian Yang is the man

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It’s OK if You Don’t Understand the Billboards of Silicon Valley | WIRED

Anywhere else in the world, the billboards lining Silicon Valley's major thoroughfare would seem more like roadside Dada than a legit attempt at advertising

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Silicon Valley startups are terrified by a new idea: profits

Silicon Valley is abuzz about a post by venture investor Bill Gurley that spells out how the tech bubble is bursting and says startups need to earn profits.

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The Mistake That's Killing So Many Silicon Valley Startups

Why trying to scale your business before you're ready is actually the worst thing you can do

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Silicon Valley's 91-year-old designer - BBC News

Barbara Knickerbocker-Beskind was always inventing things, as a child and as an occupational therapist. Now, at the age of 91, she works for the design and innovation firm IDEO.

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The One Time Silicon Valley's Herd Mentality Comes In Handy

The perks arms race now includes parental leave along with on-site dry-cleaning and private chefs. But what about child care?

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When Silicon Valley Is Too Much Like Silicon Valley | TechCrunch

I’m a big fan of the real Silicon Valley and HBO’s Silicon Valley. My favorite episode this season features the boys of Pied Piper crisscrossing Silicon..

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What (Some) Silicon Valley Women Think Of Newsweek | TechCrunch

Tech has some issues. You read trade pub stories about sexual harassment and assault allegations so often it's absurd. Newsweek, which just discovered there..