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30 Things You Didn't Know About 'Downton Abbey'

Like it got VERY smelly on set.

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Here's When The 'Roseanne' Revival Will Premiere

One of the most popular sitcoms of the 90s is getting a new season. The Roseanne revival will air March 27, 2018. Are you excited?

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Larry won't acknowledge his inner light on a chaotic Curb Your Enthusiasm

Last week, Danette wrote that “for Curb to work, Larry has always had to be a dick, but not the biggest dick.” Never has this truth been more clear than in tonight’s episode, which found some of its best moments in Larry’s tussles with unreasonabl

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The Best and Worst TV Shows of the Fall

The winners and losers of a crowded fall of revivals, bad sitcoms, and young Sheldons. From the successes—Will & Grace!—to the fails—Megyn Kelly, yikes—here’s our report card.

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Do you remember any (or all) of these 27 obscure 1970s TV show intros?

Even if you don't know the shows, you'll have some theme songs stuck in your head.

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Best Game of Thrones Scenes and How They Were Filmed - Thrillist

"Game of Thrones" cinematographer Robert McLachlan walks us through how they shot the show's most memorable scenes.

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The Biggest Sin Of 'Game of Thrones' Season Seven

Tonight’s Game of Thrones season seven finale is upon us, the conclusion of the two final, shortened seasons of the show before the original showrunners leave and HBO starts cranking out spin-offs. But how we got here has been troubling.

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This wild Game of Thrones theory explains everything that’s wrong with episode 6

The fast-paced season 7 of Game of Thrones is almost done, and we’ve had a wild ride so far. Other than the time-and-teleportation issue, and some logistical problems with the action in episode 6, the current season was just brilliant.

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How 'Game of Thrones' Delivered the Season's Mother of Dragon Moments

Director Alan Taylor breaks down "Beyond the Wall," and explains the deal with that eye — and no, we're not talking about the dragon.

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Game of Thrones season 7, episode 5: here's what Sansa's letter said and why it's important

Game of Thrones is no stranger to callbacks, but the one shown last night as part of season 7, episode 5 stretches aaaaall the way back to season 1, so it's understandable if you've forgotten some of the finer details. That's why we're

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HBO refuses to play ball with hackers as more episodes leak

If the hacker leaking HBO shows expects a ransom, they're going to be disappointed.

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Game of Thrones: Yara Greyjoy actress explains why Theon's decision to jump was the right one

Season seven of Game of Thrones is truly underway, the third episode almost upon us. **Spoilers for episode two ahead** Last week’s episode finished with a dramatic sea battle, Euron Greyjoy ruining Tyrion Lannister’s plans to take King’s Landing an

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The 'Deadwood' movie script is 'fantastic' and now we actually have a chance of seeing it

The 'Deadwood' movie script is finished and "fantastic," says HBO boss, they just need to get the cast to reunite for the revival.

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Netflix has 20 new original shows and movies coming in August – here’s the full list – BGR

Look, there's no reason to beat around the bush... the first season of the Netflix original show Marvel’s The Defenders is fiiiiiinally going to be released in August.

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12 Fast Facts About ‘Magnum, P.I.’ | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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‘Hawaii Five-0’ Spinoff: Daniel Dae Kim Exits From Show To Work On A New CBS Series?

Daniel Dae Kim’s Chin Ho Kelly is definitely one of the most well-loved characters in Hawaii Five-0. Fans of the CBS show were broken-hearted after learning the actor’s sudden departure. ...

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'Stargate' returns! New series 'Stargate Origins' will relaunch the franchise - LA Times

Finally, a "-gate" people can believe in!On Thursday, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer announced plans to relaunch its expansive sci-fi “Stargate” f...

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A Fan Smuggled In A Colour Video Camera Into "I Love Lucy" Set In 1951. Here Are The Results. - That Eric Alpe

This short 8mm Color film Footage was filmed by an audience member of “I Love Lucy”, on the evening of October 12, 1951, at Sound Stage #2 of Desilu Studios, Hollywood, California. The episode that night was 6th show of the first season, “The Auditi

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Would You Pay More Money to Watch AMC Shows Live Without Commercials? AMC Is Hoping So

AMC is hoping you’ll pay more to watch your favorite shows live without commercials as part of AMC Premiere.

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When Network Stars Went to Battle! | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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It Was Inevitable, Really: Netflix Is Turning Into HBO | WIRED

Now that Netflix is looking out for its bottom line, its transition to "TV network" seems to be complete.

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Twin Peaks: Did Hawk find Laura Palmer's diary?

Towards the end of Twin Peaks, Hawk found several handwritten pages hidden in a bathroom door. Are they the missing pages of Laura Palmer's diary?

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Do TV Series Finales Matter Anymore?

Endings still matter, but not nearly as much as they used to.

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The Summer TV Lineup: 13 Series to Watch

Money-laundering manicurists, a Stephen King detective story and, oh yeah, “Game of Thrones.”

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T.J. Miller Explains Why He's Leaving 'Silicon Valley'

He once told a drug-dealing kid that he brought piss to a sh– fight. He flew into a petty rage because someone was stealing his narrow spoons, which were the only ones that could effectively …

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10 Fun Facts About ‘The King of Queens’ | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Heineken | Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld

Heineken presents ‘Worlds Apart’ An Experiment. Can two strangers with opposing views prove that there’s more that unites than divides us? #OpenYourWorld Fin...

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Is Optimus Prime Rebuilt With Bumblebee?

A new promo image for Transformers: The Last Knight points to an interesting new theory regarding Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

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Who Created the Transformers?

Who created the Transformers? Was it the female character seen in the trailers for Transformers: The Last Knight? And just who is she, exactly?

Family & Parenting | Kids

10 Reasons You Can’t Stand Caillou

If you're in the majority of adults annoyed by Caillou, we're willing to bet one of these 10 reasons is why.

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Movies & TV Shows Leaving Netflix in May 2017 - Thrillist

This May, Netflix bids adieu to "Jurassic Park," lots of Stephen King, and "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown," among others. Here's the complete list of departing titles.

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Most Powerful Autobots, Ranked

When it comes to the Generation 1 Transformers, just who was the most powerful Autobot?

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‘X-Files’ Event Series to Return to Fox

The truth is still out there. Again. Fox has ordered a new 10-episode revival of “The X-Files,” the classic television sci-fi drama that returned to the network’s air with a limit…

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Ward-Dilmore Writing Duo Calls It Quits

News  - Star Trek fiction’s longest-running writer bromance may be coming to an end. Representatives for longtime collaborators Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore released a joint statement announcing the authors would not be working together for th

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Johnny Cash Taco Bell commercial 1992

Watch hundreds of other classic '90s commercials at youtube.com/MrClassicAds1990s

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Walking Dead director says finale is one of best scripts ever

Greg Nicotero says filming the extended finale was equal parts exhausting and exhilarating.

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The inside story on how Bates Motel gave Psycho’s famed story a deadly serious twist · Interview · The A.V. Club

When the Psycho prequel Bates Motel was first announced, most people, including us, made fun of it. But what began as a hollow-sounding exercise in brand extension became a strange and fascinating delight. And now, as the show begins its final arc,

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Leah Remini and Kevin James Reuniting in 'Kevin Can Wait' Finale | Hollywood Reporter

The two starred as husband and wife for nine seasons of 'The King of Queens.'

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5 Things About 'The Walking Dead' That Make No Sense, at All

When it comes to a zombie apocalypse, we can only stretch our imaginations so far. Here are 5 things about 'The Walking Dead' that we just can't believe.

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Does Anybody Else Really Miss ‘Mad Men’?

It hasn't even been off the air that long, but it feels like an eternity.

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Jeff Probst answers Survivor: Game Changers premiere questions

Each week host Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: Game Changers. Here, he weighs in on the big two-hour premiere episode. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It on…

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'The Walking Dead': All the burning questions raised after midseason premiere

While fans rejoiced at the return of "The Walking Dead" last night, many were left scratching their heads at one character's disappearance and the introduction of a mysterious group of survivors. Where's Father Gabriel? Leaving his B

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Will The Walking Dead Head Back to its Roots In Season 7's Second Half?

A detailed synopsis of the second half of season 7 of The Walking Dead suggests that much of the focus will be on Rick and his group's preparations to fight and take down the villainous Negan.

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The Challenges of Adapting Transformers: Cybertron

One of the show's writers reveals why the Transformers: Cybertron animated series differed from its Japanese counterpart.

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No Hair & Makeup, No Celebrity Guests… Just Travel… Raw Travel! - Raw Travel TV

AIM Tell-A-Vision Group presents Raw Travel, a one of a kind, fast moving television series that showcases the growing wave of socially and environmentally aware travel. Raw Travel celebrates the self-discovery that authentic cultural experiences can brin

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Mike Connors Dead: ‘Mannix’ Star Was 91 | Variety

Mike Connors, best known for playing detective Joe Mannix on 1960s and '70s show "Mannix," died Thursday in Tarzana, Calif. He was 91.

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Old Klein Bikes Adroit Attitude Rascal Quantum Pro

Old Klein bikes Adroit, Attitude, pre-trek!

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Winter TV Preview: Your Complete Guide to the Season's Premieres

Just when we thought we were caught up on all the series we must watch to stay socially relevant, the network gods have unleashed a whole mass of new and returning series to occupy our winter TV schedule.

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Did Monica and Chandler From 'Friends' Move Into the 'Home Alone' House? | Mental Floss

Despite living in two separate states, Monica and Chandler somehow wound up in the same house as the McCallister family.

Sports | Sailing/Windsurfing/Kiteboarding

The best windsurfing commercials of all time

Windsurfing has been used in advertising since the 1970s. Watch the best TV commercials ever featuring windsurfers.

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'The Walking Dead': Here's What Happens to Negan in the Comics

The newest villain in 'The Walking Dead' has been in the comics for a while, so we may have some clue what will happen to Negan next.

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Florence Henderson, Famed Mom Of 'The Brady Bunch,' Dead At 82 | The Huffington Post

She was known for her seminal role as Carol Brady.

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The latest 'Survivor' castaway owns his villain role

Pro tip for future 'Survivor' players: stealing food from hungry people is a bad idea.

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The 18 best TV shows right now, according to critics

The annual Critics' Choice Awards nominations show that HBO, ABC, and Netflix have some of the best TV shows, according to critics.

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All The Reasons Those Walking Dead Pigs Probably Won't Make The Saviors Sick

When The Walking Dead introduced Ezekiel to viewers last weekend, he did quite an intriguing thing involving pigs, walkers and The Saviors. Here's why that plan isn't what some fans thought it was.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Why Morgan Will Break His ‘No Kill’ Policy

Morgan is no Eastman; he can kill if he needs to. The Walking Dead Season 7 will dive deeper into Morgan’s journey from angry man who wants to “clear” everything to someone who values all life.

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Matthew Weiner Heads to Amazon for His Next TV Move After Mad Men

A year and a half after wrapping his iconic TV series Mad Men, the show's creator, Matthew Weiner, has finally picked his next TV project. The creator is leaving AMC for streaming, making a $70 million deal with Amazon and The Weinstein Co. for his new, m

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Apple finally revealed its plan to conquer TV

Apple has announced a new Apple TV app that it says will bring all your shows and videos into a...

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The significance of what Daenerys Targaryen is wearing in this Season 7 leaked photo is INSANE

Leaked photos from the set of Game of Thrones just keep on coming and with them? Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers! With these…

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'The Walking Dead' Really, Really Wants Us To Believe Negan Kills Daryl

On Oct. 23, Negan is going to bash someone’s head in on The Walking Dead. He may bash in the heads of two people. As the chilling title of the episode suggests, Rick is going to wish that he were no longer alive. We don’t know who will die yet. It cou

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Lisa Kudrow Reunites With Courteney Cox for ‘Friends’ Trivia Game

Phoebe and Monica got back together to test their 'Friends' knowledge on 'Celebrity Name Game' which originally aired Sept. 20.

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Why has time forsaken Home Improvement? · For Our Consideration · The A.V. Club

For its 1991-1999 run, Home Improvement dominated TV ratings—even outpacing Seinfeld and Friends. Yet 25 years later, it's rarely part of the cultural conversation.

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A New Wrinkle On 'Fear The Walking Dead' May Ripple Into The Mythology Of 'The Walking Dead' Universe

This week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “Pablo and Jessica,” continued the good work in the Tijuana hotel introduced three episodes back. The hotel has many of the same advantages the prison had in The Walking Dead: It’s self contained; it h

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New Walking Dead Teaser Hints Negan Victim

A new Walking Dead teaser features Negan heavily, but we're more focused on a notable absence.

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The Walking Dead: Melissa McBride says the season premiere will rock the walls

First off, let’s hear it for Melissa McBride’s mom. That’s because with all the confusion over who from Negan’s line-up of death was killed in The Walking Dead’s season 6 cliffhanger, McBride’s mother worried for a moment that Carol was the on

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Did Fear the Walking Dead Just Change How Zombies Work?

Sunday's episode of Fear The Walking Dead, "Los Muertos," may have totally changed how zombies work in the Walking Dead universe.

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'Hamilton' effect on new fall TV season? - CNN.com

There can be no argument that the musical "Hamilton" has been one of the hottest things to ever come out of Broadway.

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Call me crazy, but I'm happy Negan is about to put TWD survivors through hell

Jeffrey Dean Morgan just hinted that dark times are indeed ahead for Rick Grimes and his crew on The Walking Dead. But that could be good.

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Ron Howard Remembers Garry Marshall: "A World-Class Creator, Mentor, Philosopher and Friend" - Hollywood Repor

Marshall worked with Howard on 'Happy Days' and the two remained life-long friends.

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Pretty Much All of Your Favorite Shows Just Got Emmy Nominations | WIRED

Both new series and perennial favorites got Emmy nods this year. And, surprisingly, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences got it right this year.

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Petition · HBO: Bring back the HBO series Vinyl · Change.org

HBO Cancels 'Vinyl' - SPIN Magazine On June 22nd, 2016, SPIN magazine reported that the HBO series Vinyl, produced by Terrence Winter, Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, which recently finished its first season, was renewed but then subsequently cancel

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Noel Neill, Lois Lane In 'Superman' TV Series, Dead At 95

She was the first to play Clark Kent's colleague and friend.

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'The Walking Dead': 6 Predictions for Season 7

From who Negan killed to how Rick will defeat the Saviors, there's a lot coming next season in 'The Walking Dead.' Here are our predictions.

Entertainment | Entertainment

We know the exact number of “Game of Thrones” episodes left *sobs*

“All good things must come to an end” is a saying that’s especially true for Game of Thrones fans. Now that Season 6…

Entertainment | Entertainment

These "Game of Thrones" actors support this new, chilling theory about Sansa Stark

Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! You should not be reading this post unless you're completely caught up on Game of Thrones! After we watched

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Leave It To Beaver: Classic TV star reunited with his classic car - CBS News 8 - San Diego

A star of classic television is reunited with his beloved classic car. Tony Dow of Leave it to Beaver sold his Chevy Corair more than 50-years ago and on Wednesday he got it back. 

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Walking Dead Season 6 DVD Will Include Uncensored Negan Finale

The Season 6 Blu-ray and DVD will include an uncut version with profanity reinserted

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Game of Thrones has a Sansa problem

Is Sansa Stark dim and virtuous or evil and cunning? She can't be all those things.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Snapchat says it has basically replaced TV for millennials

Twice as many millennials watched the first GOP debate on Snapchat as did on regular TV.

Business & Finance | Business

Apple Proposed Buying Time Warner and May Consider Netflix, FT Reports - Fortune

An Apple executive proposed buying Time Warner at a meeting last year but the idea didn't get far. Apple still may consider buying Netflix.

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‘The Americans’ Finished? Thank You for Killing My Favorite Show - NYTimes.com

FX announced Wednesday that “The Americans,” its resonant Soviet spy drama set in 1980s suburban Washington, has signed a deal for two additional and final seasons.

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Burned Bridges and Compounds on 'Fear the Walking Dead'

On Sunday’s Fear The Walking Dead, everyone was reeling from Victor killing Thomas before he turned. With sympathy for the infected, Nick decided to help round up walkers and bring them safely to the compound. Nick responded, “When I was on the beach,

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Agents of SHIELD Star Says Marvel Doesn't Care Enough About Its Own TV Show

The unspoken secret that Marvel’s TV and movie ventures aren’t as interconnected as the company would like you to think they are has become a lot less unspoken lately. And the loudest acknowledgement about this separation has come courtesy of Agents o

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Video Reveals How Bad TV Characters Are at Realistically Drinking Coffee

Ever notice how TV characters seem to love coffee, but their coffee cups are often conspicuously empty?

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Glenn and Daryl Are Probably Still Alive On The Walking Dead - Today's News: Our Take | TVGuide.com

Good news, Walking Dead fans: not only are fan favorites Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) probably still alive on the show, the actors who play them are good guys in real life, too.

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How Captain America: Civil War Tied In With Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

While last night’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode didn’t treat the audience to any Captain America: Civil War cameos, the aftermath of the movie was definitely felt as the team struggled with the new status quo surrounding enchanted beings.

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Guide to Broadcast TV’s Renewals and Cancellations

With broadcast upfront week rapidly approaching, the five broadcast networks are putting the finishing touches on their fall schedules by making final decisions on which of their current shows will continue and which will end.

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William Schallert, 93, Dies; Prolific Actor Was Father on ‘The Patty Duke Show’ - The New York Times

For a time Mr. Schallert seemed to be everywhere on TV, usually as an authority figure, as he was in the popular “Tribbles” episode of “Star Trek.”

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The direwolf incident from Sunday's 'Game of Thrones' has fans up in arms

A lot of 'Game of Thrones' fans had something to say about one particular scene from season 6, episode 3.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Why Is 'Fear the Walking Dead' Bleeding Viewers In Season Two?

Fear the Walking Dead may be a ratings hit on AMC, but its numbers have been dropping steadily all season. Why exactly are viewers fleeing the show as time goes on?

Entertainment | Entertainment

'Sharknado 4' Unveils 'Star Wars'-Themed Poster, Full List of Celebrity Cameos

Her character’s Twitter-dependent fate won’t be revealed until the July 31 premiere of Sharknado: The Fourth Awakens, but for now, Tara Reid is sitting pretty on the Syfy thriller’s just-released poster.

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Explore Don Draper's apartment in 3D

Archilogic, an online architecture viewer/editor designed to be easier for laypersons to use and share from than Sketchup, is spectacular stuff... at least on a fast computer. You can upload plans and convert them to 3D, move and replace furniture, mess around with the layout, push the results to friends or real estate agents, and so on.

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Power Ranking All The Marvel And DC Superhero Shows Currently On Television - Forbes

There are a ton of superhero shows on TV today, more than there have ever been at one time. So how do Marvel and DC's best stack up to one another?

Entertainment | New Star Trek!

NEW Trek Series Will Set Course For ...

Star Trek News - It's official: The new Star Trek series will roll camera this fall. Details at...

Entertainment | Entertainment

What I Learned While Writing Reality TV

When my boss asked me to walk on his back, I knew I had to get out.​

Entertainment | Entertainment

The Walking Dead’s Mystery Death Spoiled By Okja Casting News?

A regular Walking Dead cast member has been cast in Bong Joon-Ho's new movie Okja, which will film at the same time as The Walking Dead season 7.

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First Look: Elizabeth Banks Morphs into Mighty Power Rangers Villain Rita Repulsa for Big-Screen Reboot

The actress, 42, has signed on to play the iconic villainous Rita Repulsa in the upcoming Power Rangers film reboot – and PEOPLE has the first look. The film, based on the classic '90s television show, features five super teens better known as the Blue,

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The Only Movies Worth Watching On Netflix Right Now

The Only Movies Worth Watching On Netflix Right Now! In fact, if you're not sure exactly what you're looking for, you can end up wasting an hour shoveling through the plenitude of stream-able crap in search of the worthy gems.

News | Hollywood

Doris Roberts Dead at 90

Doris Roberts, the beloved mom from

Entertainment | Entertainment

'Fear the Walking Dead' recap: Family matters complicate a return to land

While the crew of the Abigail hoped they could set off for the safety of open waters, they quickly ran into the threat of danger on the high seas,...

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Mad Men, Hannibal, Breaking Bad, more featured in video comparison of first and last frames | EW.com

Obviously, you should be wary of potential spoilers, but one TV fan put together a side-by-side video comparison of the first and last frames from some of the most popular series.  You might recognize the name Celia Gómez for her previous video compilat

Entertainment | Entertainment

The Walking Dead Theory About Negan's Victim in First Person | POPSUGAR Entertainment

By now, we all know that The Walking Dead's sixth season has concluded in the way we dreaded most: with a cliffhanger. As soon as we're finished processing all of our feelings about the finale and hate-reading the showrunners' defense of their decision,

Entertainment | Entertainment

You Bet Your Life #53-23 Spunky old lady vs. Groucho (Secret word 'Clock', Feb 18, 1954)

The old lady in couple #3 is the clear highlight of this episode. Neither Groucho nor his cigars impress her at all, but Groucho seems genuinely tickled by h...

News | Hollywood

The Nanny Cast Has a Mini-Reunion With Facebook Photos

They hung out at Fran Drescher's house.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Is ‘Friends’ Still the Most Popular Show on TV? -- Vulture

Why so many 20-somethings want to stream a 20-year-old sitcom about a bunch of 20-somethings sitting around in a coffee shop.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

11 reasons Adam West is the best Batman ever

Batman has been on the screen since 1943. Now, Ben Affleck has slipped on the cowl to growl and punch his Super Friend, Superman. Affleck is the eighth man to act as Bruce Wayne. He may be the tallest yet, but he is not the best. There can be only one tru

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

The Best Movies on Netflix Right Now

Anyone can tell you everything that's streaming on Netflix, take an inventory of a given month's new additions, or cast the net of recommendations so wide that reeling in where to start is overwhelming. Our goal in this space is very simple: to help you find a highly satisfying movie quickly, when you really need it. Here are 29 films currently streaming on Netflix that we totally endorse.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

6 important questions we have from the Game of Thrones season 6 trailer

Usually about this time of year we are inundated with Game of Thrones teasers and trailers, however season six is so tightly under wraps that we're starting to think those...

Science & Technology | Tech

Now even your streaming TV and music will come in bundles like cable TV

The bundle, maligned for its association with bloated cable packages, is slated for a big comeback.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

The New Game of Thrones Posters Feel Like an Ominous Warning About Season 6

The first poster for Game of Thrones's sixth season gave us hope that Jon Snow is alive, but the new crop of posters makes us think otherwise. Snow is just one of the faces mounted in the House of Black and White, alongside main characters like Jaime

Entertainment | Mad Men

See How 'The Apartment' Influenced 'Mad Men'

These beloved pop culture icons have more in common than you realize.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Vinyl Series Premiere Recap: Mick Jagger & Martin Scorsese's Rock-'n'-Roll Mad Men

Tonight, HBO premiered its new prestige drama, Vinyl, a show that's so pedigreed it could compete at Westminster. The series comes to us from executive producers — and longtime artistic soul mates — Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger (among

Entertainment | Celebrities!

Carol Burnett's Heartwarming Story About Lucille Ball Will Make You Tear Up

Life Achievement recipient Carol Burnett was the life of the SAG Awards last night. The only actor to receive a standing ovation in the press room, the 82-year-old actress and comedian charmed the Scarlett...

Entertainment | Mad Men

Kiernan Shipka Hits SAGs 2016 Red Carpet: Compare First, Final Appearances for 'Mad Men' - Us Weekly

'Mad Men' actress Kiernan Shipka hit her final SAGs red carpet for the series on Saturday, Jan. 30 -- compare photos from her first SAGs appearance here

Entertainment | Film

Appreciation: 'Barney Miller's' old soul Abe Vigoda

The actor, best known for his roles in 'Barney Miller' and 'The Godfather,' was 94. Even when he was relatively young, Abe Vigoda seemed old.

Which may be why many of us thought age would never catch up to him — and why some of you may have thought it already had, after premature reports of his death began circulating decades ago

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Netflix Just Announced The Premiere Dates For All Your Faves

On Sunday, the streaming service announced the premiere dates for 11 original series including "Orange is the New Black," "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and "Grace and Frankie." Oh, how we've missed you.

Sports | SPORTS

Super Bowl I Tape Was Erased Long Ago; Now The Game Will Air Again

The TV networks that broadcast 1967's inaugural game erased it. Now the NFL Network has pieced together its own film with radio footage of the historic game; Super Bowl I: The Lost Game airs Friday.

Entertainment | Mad Men

'Mad Men': The Uncensored, Epic, Never-Told Story Behind AMC's Critical Darling

Don Draper lived on hard drives for half a decade before anybody paid him any notice. In 1999, Matthew Weiner, then an unfulfilled writer on CBS' Ted Danson sitcom Becker, spent his every off-hour doing research on the 1960s: what people wore, how th

Entertainment | Entertainment

Netflix Hacks For 2016: Best Tricks and Add-Ons

Here are 12 tips, tricks, and "hacks" (for lack of a better word) that'll improve your Netflix experience dramatically.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Q&A: Alastair Bruce, Downton Abbey’s Historical Advisor

When they’re not engaged in scandalous trysts, murder investigations, or hiding children born out of wedlock, the residents of Downton Abbey—both its upstairs aristocracy and downstairs staff—are expected to behave perfectly. Which can be an exhausting job. Fortunately for the cast and crew of the hit Masterpiece series, they have Alastair Bruce on their side.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

What's New On Netflix In January 2016?

What is the passage of time but the cyclical movement of television series, movies, documentaries and hour-long specials on Netflix?

Sports | College Football

Viewers guide to all 40 college bowl games

From Yahoo Sports: In the last Dash of the season, Pat Forde explains which bowls you should skip and offers predictions for the full slate.

Entertainment | Mad Men

Best of TV 2015: No 3 – Mad Men | Television & radio | The Guardian

The final season gives us unexpected romance, profound sadness, death – and one of the best screen portraits of drunkenness in TV history