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WATCH: Wikileaks Founder Ready to Provide Evidence Russian Collusion is False | One America News Network

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Senate bill would label WikiLeaks ‘non-state hostile intelligence service’

Congress will formally consider WikiLeaks a “non-state hostile intelligence service” if lawmakers adopt the annual Intelligence Authorization Act passed 14-1 by a Senate panel last month — a provision the bill’s sole dissenter now

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2 D.C. Hospitals Refuse to Discuss Seth Rich Murder

(Alicia Powe, WND) WASHINGTON – Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was likely treated at one of two hospitals near the Washington, D.C., intersection where police found him shot in the back in July 2016, but those hospitals are refusing to answer any of WND

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Julian Assange Drives Wikileaks’ Reputation for Anti-Semitism - National – Forward.com

Since gaining international attention in 2010 with the release of nearly 100,000 classified logs of the war in Iraq, Wikileaks — often through the actions of its founder Julian Assange — has repeatedly come under fire for anti-Semitism.

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Morning Joe Spends 17 Mins Opening On “Sleazy” Doug Band ‘Bill Clinton, Inc.’ Memo (Part 1) - YouTube

Morning Joe Spends 17 Mins Opening On “Sleazy” Doug Band ‘Bill Clinton, Inc.’ Memo (Part 1) (October 27, 2016)

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No Consequences for Reporters Caught Colluding with Hillary | Observer

Glenn Thrush hides behind a crafty spokesman who acts like he’s the publicist for an elusive Hollywood star.