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Tinnitus Care Springfield - Upper Cervical Springfield

Can Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care help eliminate tinnitus symptoms? | Dr. Schurger is a Tinnitus Doctor in Springfield IL | Dr. Schurger discusses the mechanisms in the inner ear that may cause tinnitus. | And how Upper Cervical Care has been found to

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Homemade Cookies-and-Cream Ice Cream

Get Homemade Cookies-and-Cream Ice Cream Recipe from Food Network

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Health Fitness - Health Management - Infusing a Culture of Health

HealthFitness integrates fitness management, population health management, condition management to create cultures of health within organizations.

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    Top Web Design Trends in 2017 [infographic] | Social Media Today

    This new infographic looks at some of the latest trends in web design, and how to use them to best effect.

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    Mental Health & Hypnosis

    Learn more from WebMD about the role of hypnotherapy, or hypnosis, in treating behavioral, physical, and psychological conditions.

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    MeTV pays tribute to Adam West all day Saturday, June 17

    Tune in to see the Batman star in seven different TV series.

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    10 best home theater projectors #2 is our top pick reviewed by our experts

    Best home theater projectors is a great investment. Everyone will love this home theater projectors. Best home theater projectors for you.

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    Rabbi Steinsaltz: ‘Let my people know’

    It’s not often that one gets an opportunity to ask questions of a “once-in-a millennium scholar” (as dubbed by Time magazine). However, members of the Valley Jewish community will be able to do just that as part of Congregation Beth Tefi

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      How to enjoy aromatherapy safely | Fox News

      Aromatherapy is sometimes dismissed by health professionals as a trendy, new pseudo-science, but it actually has a long history and some solid science behind it.

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      Mennonite Church USA Adopts BDS with 98% Vote

      Perhaps in response to anticipated accusations of anti-Semitic motives, the press release issued by the Mennonite Church reported that “the resolution also calls on Mennonites to examine the legacy of anti-Semitism in their own history and life.

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      5 Ways Thats Proves Green Tea As A Super Detox Drink

      Green tea detox drinks are a great way of boosting your overall health and get the antioxidants you need each day. So, here are 5 ways to make green tea.

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      Best Ice Cream Shops in America

      Discover the best ice cream parlors in the country and what flavor you need to order at these sweet spots.

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      Reconstructed Auschwitz prisoner text details ′unimaginable′ suffering | Germany | DW | 09.10.2017

      A newly reconstructed document written in 1944 by a Greek Jewish prisoner at Auschwitz tells of misery "the human mind can not imagine." The text was discovered buried in the ground at the Nazi extermination camp.

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      Charlotte Pride rejects Gays for Trump | Charlotte Observer

      Charlotte Pride refuses to let a Gays for Trump group enter a float in this summer’s Pride Parade in uptown Charlotte.

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      To End Distracted Driving, MIT Figures Out How People Really Drive | WIRED

      MIT researchers are working on an algorithm to limit distractions when they can be the most dangerous.

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      Time does not mend a broken heart as scientists find condition causes long-term damage

      Songwriters, poets and novelists have long mused over whether time truly heals everything.

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      Say goodbye to finstas and hello to Instagram 'favorites'

      Instagram is testing a new feature called "favorites" to let users share private photos with a select group of people.

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      Why driverless cars might not hit the road so fast | Scott Nyquist | Pulse | LinkedIn

      In May, GM spent $1 billion to buy Cruise Automation, a small startup with promising self-driving software. Last year, Qualcomm's bought NXP

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      Stylish Wall Planters You Can Buy Or Make Yourself

      The walls are not just for paintings or shelves. In fact, if you'd rather do something special for your home, you should try decorating the walls in a less

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      Alabama Boy's Death Worries Food Allergy Parents

      3-year-old's death during oral food challenge has led some to second-guess the procedure.

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      Top 5 Unhealthy Ways of Thinking (and What to Do Instead)

      When people struggle with anxiety or a high state of emotion, there are common unhealthy patterns of thinking that are destructive. Black-and-white thinking. This is also called all-or-nothing thinking. For example, Alex gets into a fight with his mother-

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        Medizone International Expands Commercial Team to Address Growing Global Opportunity in

        KALAMAZOO, Mich., May 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Medizone International Expands Commercial Team to Address Growing Global Opportunity in Bioterrorism...

        Cars & Motorcycles | Trekking in nepal

        Nature Explore Trek -

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        How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming? - TechDrips

        Gaming requires heavy processing of the computer's operating system if you are a windows user here is how to optimize windows 10 for gaming.

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          Lessons for India on why Israel leads in innovation - The Economic Times

          Israel is also referred to as a 'start-up nation'. Modi gave a clarion call that India should also 'start up and stand up'.

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          Celebrate the Equinox! - Pokémon GO

          With cool autumn nights quickly approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and sunny spring days arriving in the Southern Hemisphere, we thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate the coming equinox with an in-game event. New seasons mean new adventures!

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          Our Biggest Questions After the Game of Thrones Season-7 Premiere

          Are Cersei and Jaime Lannister doomed? Who will Arya kill next? And why is Beric Dondarrion still alive?

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          Never Before Seen Images of Marilyn Monroe Released | Fstoppers

          In a new book, “The Essential Marilyn Monroe,” Milton H. Greene’s son, Joshua Greene features 284 of his father's images with 176 images never before being seeing by the public.

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          Kathy Griffin: Trump is 'trying to ruin my life' after photo scandal - CNN.com

          Kathy Griffin is fighting back against the abuse and "death threats" she has received in light of controversial images released earlier this week that showed the comedian holding up a bloody head resembling that of President Donald Trump.

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          Medical Billing Services

          Optimize your revenue cycle and get paid faster. Increase reimbursements and quickly recover outstanding claims with NueMD medical billing services. Start today with a free revenue cycle assessment.

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          Keeping your smartphone nearby may not be so smart - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publications

          Experiments with groups of college students suggest that keeping your smartphone out of sight can make it easier to focus on demanding mental tasks.

          Health & Fitness | Essential Oils

          How Essential Oils Became the Cure for Our Age of Anxiety

          Aromatic oils have become big business. But are they medicine or marketing?

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          The 30 best Spider-Man moments from the movies, games, and more | GamesRadar

          Spider-Man might be a young chap in most comics, movies, and video games, but the character is in fact 55-years-old. Having first appeared in the anthology comic Amazing Fantasy #15, he's been slinging webs for decades and has made a fair few memories mak

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          Hubble Telescope Views Blistering Pitch-Black Planet WASP-12b

          Twice the size of any planet in our solar system, WASP-12b has the capability to trap at least 94% of the visible starlight falling into its atmosphere.

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          The Best Blackout Curtains To Buy For Better Sleep | Domino

          Struggling with sleep? Light coming in from the windows could be the problem. Here are the best blackout curtains you can buy to ensure you're getting your best night's sleep. For more sleep and wellness, head to Domino.

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            Quiz: The Science of Sleep -- What Happens When You Slumber

            The Science of Sleep. What happens in your brain and body while you slumber? Find out in this quiz.

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            Resort 2018's Biggest Trends

            Thong sandals, Grecian vibes, and JNCO-wide denim are coming to a store near you.

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              Strong Friendships In Adolescence Pay Dividends In Adulthood : Shots - Health News : NPR

              Researchers have found that people with deep friendships in adolescence had less anxiety and a greater sense of self-worth in early adulthood. Close friends matter, their study found.

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              AMA reference generator

              A bibliography reference generator is a great tool in a student’s toolbox. Find out how you can get the best one.

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                Fury at 'Bodega' tech startup that aims to put corner shops out of business | Technology | The Guardian

                Bodega, which markets glorified vending machines where users can buy groceries, boasts: ‘Eventually, centralized shopping locations won’t be necessary’

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                Heart Healthy Foods Your Cardiologist Should `Prescribe' | Dr. Sinatra

                Find out more about the five heart healthy foods that Dr. Stephen Sinatra suggests to naturally and effectively benefit your cardiovascular and overall health.

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                What elephants teach us about cancer prevention

                Elephants naturally avoid cancer after 55 million years of evolution. Scientists are studying if they can extract lessons that could help people.

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                What Jack White's New Album Will Sound Like :: Indie Shuffle

                Detailing what has gone into the making of Jack White's forthcoming solo album.

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                The Battleship That Went from Pearl Harbor to D-Day

                The D-Day landings featured an immense fleet – including seven battleships. One, HMS Rodney, was notable for being the only battleship to torpedo another battleship. However, one of the American battleships came to Normandy via Pearl Harbor, where she was run aground.

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                Sleep Disorders May Impact Men and Women Differently

                Not all sleep disorders are created equally, apparently: A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine suggests men and women are affected differently by sleep-related issues like…

                Business & Finance | Business Creativity General

                The best ideas show up after the dip

                Not that long ago, a somewhat mysterious cloud shrouded creativity on the work floor. Everybody seemed to have their own definition and understanding of the word. The connotation with more artistic...

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                How One Small Shift in Focus Can Improve Your Everyday Health

                Your body is like a machine that runs automatically. Every organ, every vessel, every cell is constantly working to keep you alive. You don’t even have to think about it — your lungs keep you…

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                The 10 Best Greatest Hits Albums To Own On Vinyl — Vinyl Me, Please

                Since listening to a record involves a special participation on the part of the listener, placing the record on the turntable, cueing and dropping the needle, it’s an activity made for digesting original albums as a whole rather than selected hits compi

                  Music | Vinyl Records!

                  Vinyl’s boom is over as purists complain about low quality and high prices

                  “What people do nowadays is take a digital file and just run vinyl off that,” says Rawlings, a lanky musician who plays a 1935 Epiphone Olympic guitar. “In my mind, if we were going to do it, I wanted to do it the way the records I love were made—from analog tapes.”

                  Entertainment | Entertainment

                  T.J. Miller Explains Why He's Leaving 'Silicon Valley'

                  He once told a drug-dealing kid that he brought piss to a sh– fight. He flew into a petty rage because someone was stealing his narrow spoons, which were the only ones that could effectively …

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                  How 'Game of Thrones' Delivered the Season's Mother of Dragon Moments

                  Director Alan Taylor breaks down "Beyond the Wall," and explains the deal with that eye — and no, we're not talking about the dragon.

                  Politics | Resources

                  Why Is Pakistan More Legitimate than Israel?

                  Whenever I have received a call from a listener to my radio show challenging Israel’s legitimacy, I have asked these people if they ever called a radio show to challenge any other country’s legitimacy. In particular, I ask, have they ever questioned t

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                  Top 5 Best Wireless Gaming Headset For Every Gamer - TechDrips

                  Are you a Gamer? Love Playing Games with your Headset? Check out the top 5 best wireless gaming Headset available in the market

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                    I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise. - The Washington Post

                    Evidence suggests that no one broad gun-control restriction could make a big difference.

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                      eBay Is Playing Catchup, But Will It Work? - Racked

                      Even with 171 million users, the online shopping giant is grasping for relevancy.

                      Science & Technology | Social Media

                      We Can’t Stop Checking the News Either. Welcome to the New FOMO | WIRED

                      Who cares about my friends? I'm missing the news!

                      Sports | SPORTS

                      The day the Atlanta Braves signed Satchel Paige so he could get his MLB pension

                      Satchel Paige reached out to the 20 Major League Baseball teams about the prospect of joining them in 1968. The 62-year-old pitcher needed only 158 days on an a…

                      Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

                      Physics Breakthrough in 50-Year Search for 'Holy Grail' Particle Tetraquark

                      A combination of three quarks creates a hadron, which, when stable, we know as a proton or neutron. Now, researchers are about to publish what they say is proof that the tetraquark exists, that it’s stable, and that they can generate it in the Large Ha

                      Business & Finance | Business

                      Amazon is gobbling Whole Foods for $13.7 billion

                      Amazon has made a bid to buy Whole Foods in what would be a whopping $13.7 billion deal. The all-cash acquisition (which includes Whole Foods Market's net..

                      Sports | Sports

                      Facts That Rams and Chargers Fans Don't Know About Each Other

                      LA is about to become home to both the Rams and the Chargers! While the teams and fans learn how to play nice, here are some facts you probably didn't know.

                      News | The News

                      Cassini, NASA's 13-year Saturn mission, has ended - CNN

                      Contact has been lost with the Cassini spacecraft after it completed a "death dive" into the upper atmosphere of Saturn and transmitted its final signal, according to NASA.

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                      Mumps Makes a Comeback, Even Among the Vaccinated - The New York Times

                      Immunity wanes over time in some people, but being properly vaccinated reduces complications, experts say.

                      News | In the News

                      Vinotypes mean that food and wine pairings don't work | Daily Mail Online

                      Michigan State University researchers say that traditional food and wine pairings should be scrapped in favor of a consumer-focused approach.

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                       ‘Forest Bathing’ Harnesses Nature to Boost Health

                      Research shows a simple walk in the woods can do a body -- and a mind --- good.

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                        Natural Plant Based Cleaning and Body Care Products Perth, Australia - Pure Home Body

                        Find best natural plant based body care Perth products from our online store at best price.We also offer wide selection of healthy and chemical free body care products, natural baby products, natural cleaning spray, domestic cleaning and many other products.

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                        Rottweiler And German Shepherd Mix: Get To Know Your Dog Better

                        If you want to know more about the Rottweiler and German shepherd mix, this article will help you in knowing 99% of what you need to know.

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                          Vestibular Disorders-Menieres, Vertigo, Vestibular Migraine Treatment in Springfield

                          Vestibular Disorders in Springfield treated naturally | Try Upper Cervical Care right here in Springfield | Dr. Schurger's office serves Berlin, Mechanicsburg, Taylorville, Pana, Petersburg, Loami, Athens, Lincoln, Divernon, Decatur, Forsyth, Montice

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                            You can grab some rare vinyl records for a ridiculously cheap $1 right now

                            There's a very cool vinyl sale going on that's giving you the chance to grab everything from Foo Fighters to Alice In Chains for a single dollar.

                            Sports | My Sporting News

                            It's the time of year where the Mets pay Bobby Bonilla for being retired

                            July 1 is Bobby Bonilla's annual payday from the Mets. They'll be paying him for quite some time.

                            Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness Info

                            Quiz: Superbugs -- Bacteria Resistant to Antibiotics

                            Find out how much you know about this global health threat.

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                            3 Ways to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone  - MAC GENIUS TRICKS

                            Whenever you buy a new iPhone the data transfer to the new device is very important. transfer data from iPhone to iPhone is very easy.

                              Entertainment | Music

                              The New Wave of Indie Surf

                              Surf music, once confined to the beaches of southern California, has found its way into the hearts of contemporary musicians from all “across the U.S.A.”

                              Pets & Animals | I Love Dogs

                              Mass. puppy revived after overdose - Story | KTTV

                              A family’s puppy was saved after she accidentally got into something that almost took her life.

                              Music | Music

                              Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘The Saga Continues’ Is a Return to Form

                              Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘The Saga Continues’ Is a Return to Form

                              Health & Fitness | Sleep

                              We’re in a ‘Dream Deprivation’ Epidemic

                              A new paper argues that a lack of dream sleep is a widespread public-health problem, one with dire implications for waking life.

                                Science & Technology | Science & Technology

                                How To Disable Fast User Switching on Windows 10? - TechDrips

                                Windows 10 has truly acquired immense popularity among the users. in case you don't like the feature, here is how to disable fast user switching